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Bidding on items, I overbid someone and it still says someone else has overbid even though my bid is the most current one. Supposedly lost and item with 1min left on the clock and I was the only bidder too. Is it just me?
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This has been happening to me aswell the last couple of weeks. No matter how much i bid on an item. The price will jump to that amount, but I'll never be the winner of it. tried trippeling the prices. Still does not work. Others don't seem to have a problem so I guess it's not that widespread.
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You guys might not understand how the AH works

Diablo 3 uses a proxy bid system. It is the same type of system eBay uses.

You cannot see what the high bidder has put as their max bid. It is hidden to everyone. You only become the high bidder when you exceed their max bid.

If you don't exceed their max bid then the current bid is raised to what you bid. The current bid is what is paid when the auction is won. The person that wins the auction gets a refund of the difference between their max bid and the current bid.

You can basically think of the auction house as bidding for you. You tell it what you are willing to pay then it automatically bids against people up to the amount you told it to.

If you don't understand or want more information Google "proxy bidding".
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Well thanks for clearing this up, my problem was that I asumed the Max bid thing was what i was currently bidding. Seemed so obvious but yea, my fault for being dumb and not reading :P
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