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Which follower's back-story are you most interested in?

03/20/2013 07:51 PMPosted by chrisloup

Lyndon all the way baby!
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What kinda of experience or indoctrination could drive a person to see the world in such black and white terms?
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While I do like the Enchantress, her story is pretty much 1500 years in the past, unless we're time travelling, there's not much for her other than following the Nephilim. While the Templar and Scoundrel have very current pasts I'd love to pursue and Kingsport and the Templar Order would make awesome expansion pack fodder... *hint hint*.

But of the two lads, I think the Templar's future and storyline has the most to offer. He's been to Hell and Heaven and pried the lid off the lies that the Order brainwashed him with. I'd love to find out what happens next!
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the enchantress she has a good story and wonder if more will be revealed.
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they have back-stories? honestly I tell them to shut the #$%^ up whenever they get chatty
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The scoundrel - he's lawful evil - reminds me of dungeons and dragons - cheers
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i like the scoundrel as a companion the most.. but honestly i think Kormac's tale would be more interesting.
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Lyndon - Scoundrel

I am curious how they do it in Kingsport.
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The Enchantress has several curious lines while progressing through the campaign. It feels as if her part in the story is greater than the other 2 followers, but this may just be my focusing too much on the details.

For example...

In The Crypt of the Ancients (or Warrior's Nest?):

"(laughter) You're very clever, Leah..."
"Oh, I wouldn't say that..."
"I see through illusions, but no one ever believes me."

While not initially, I eventually thought this might be Eirenna's way of subtly letting Diablo know that she can see part of his soul in Leah, ie. the essence of the Dark Wanderer, before the full transformation occurs at the end of A3.

Also, another random line that I've heard a few times while running through the caves accessed via the Fields of Slaughter in A3...

Eirenna brings up her concern for how Leah is struggling to contain the Black Soulstone, but your Hero warns that, just like with the trials of her Sisters long ago, she is forbidden to interfere. But it was her response that led me to believe the Enchantress is way more powerful than she lets on...

"Well... I may have bolstered their spells. Just a little."

So, unless all of that (plus others I've forgotten) was just idle banter, Eirenna's story sounds like it could be interesting.

Edit 1: Not to mention her constant mention of "The Prophet," and even more importantly, Tyrael's ponderous confirmation of having heard of this "Prophet".

Edit 2: Plus, when you first meet Lyndon/Kormac you end up having to save their lives. Eirenna's just there by the side of the road, looking all innocent...
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Is there a point to these topics? Are these questions being answered some where, or these topics expanded upon? I asked some questions in the others and was wondering if there was any need to continue...
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Echantress for the Prophet part.....

Lyndon just for PURE entertainment....

Arh...since we are at this..

There is not short of items in D3 , would really like to see some LEGENDARIES ( focus, relic, tokens.) specially made for them which will add to the backstory?
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03/21/2013 06:42 PMPosted by Greenhell
Is there a point to these topics? Are these questions being answered some where, or these topics expanded upon? I asked some questions in the others and was wondering if there was any need to continue...

Even if you are'nt happy w/ the current state of the game, allow others to be.
Our imagination is imho what seperates us, & even in bad times, can't nor should it ever be demeaned.
So rag on posts involving game design( I do ) , but leave art & story alone, as ppl come to these threads to enjoy themselves.

This post is off-topic and should be moved to the "Lore and Storyline" forum.
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I think they're all interesting, but Eirena is far too annoying to have tag along most of the time, so I usually use Lyndon because he's actually kind of funny. I hated Kormac at first, but I "got over it."


Lyndon > Kormac > Eirena
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Han Solo's . . . I mean scoundrel's backstory.
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I wonder if Lyndon didn't give CC, would still be this popular?
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I like Kormac's story, I'd follow HIM to see how it ends.

Lyndon's story is pretty engaging too, I'd like to see that one developing more.
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