Diablo® III

Which follower's back-story are you most interested in?

Lyndon, because he actually make s me chuckle...would love to see what becomes of him and his brother.

Kormac annoys me with literally every comment, but I would like a quest to go purge the Templar Order. Burn it to its roots and restart it as purely as it purports to be.
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enchantress, although the scoundrel comes really close in 2nd.
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enchantress and kormac have most mystery and intrigue...but scoundrel is really funny so i also want to know what happens to him....so all 3 ._.

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Lyndon's for the pure entertainment value; Ereina's because it directly connects to the main storyline; and last Kormac's because it has a secondary connection to the world origin.
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KINGSPORT please, make small acts about the background story of the followers please.

Scroundel >= Templar > Enhcnatress

*insert puppy eyes*
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I like all the followers and would love to get all their stories developed more, but Lyndon wins by a small but significant margin, :)
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The enchantress for sure.
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What back-story? They are so annoying I had to mute the entire game's Voice sound because of them.

Look, more hidden footprints. OMG THAT ENEMY OVER THERE!!!!!
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I can only hope this somehow is a hint at the expansion some day, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. Quests for all three, perhaps? Kingsport as a fifth act? Time travel? Templars being former Zakarhum? Who knows, maybe they're just curious what we thought of the companions and aren't planning ANYTHING with them (doubtful though, they'd at least need more lines for the expansion).

Anywho, I'd pick probably Kormac. He's the least used follower probably and has the most annoying dialogue/voice, but his backstory is the most interesting. Who ARE these Templar folks and wtf exactly did they do? Seeing as the Diablo series is supposed to be caught up in religion and mysticism, a religious order of warrior-priests seems right on the mark.
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Covetous Shen > Lyndon > Kormac > Eirena > Haedrig

Haedrig and Covetous Shen are followers, too! Nobody ever gives the REMFs any respect.
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Why is this even an issue? Back to the Haiku contest, then?

How about itemization?
Or the AH?
Or lag?

Please put someone in charge.

(I vote Travis)
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Lyndon. His banter with the female DH is hilarious.
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03/23/2013 01:58 AMPosted by Wesker
Lyndon. His banter with the female DH is hilarious.


For me, it would half to be him and the enchantress.
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I want to see where Kormac and Eirena end up personally.

Do they make a baby and call it Decard cain?

TBH the scoundrel is the only Follower i can handle throughout the farming. Made me chuckle a few times. So i would like to see more narrative in the game for him.


Kormac due to all the damn time I spent in the beta. Where are his freakin' tomes, and what's in them???

also this

03/20/2013 06:00 PMPosted by Plywood
Enchantress, not really her back-story but more that period of time she's coming from.

this as well
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Lyndon was the best.

that's how we do it in Kingsport!.

Probably the only follower I don't find annoying thnks to his accent and attitude.
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The Diablo 3 expansion would be awesome if it heavily integrated plots from the follower's backstories in it. Dealing with some Thieves Guild conspiracy in Kingsport, uncovering the evil in the Templar order, etc etc.

And of course, Lyndon is obviously the best follower!
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Jesus. The bible backstory.
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