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Rate the barb above you - non RMAH only

8.5/10 really like the the weapon throw u got there my first review couldnt really tell what to get next im sure u know just keep it up nice barb!

ps : people gonna hate on my bk set, and yeah i crafted over 175 ammys and this is the best that came up :S
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@ Bloodzerker

Not that knowledgable about DW barbs, but looks like you're on the right track. You're AR is a little low, so maybe try crafting some high strength AR gloves with stats similar to your IK gloves?

Looking good - 8/10

Now to get slaughtered. I know I have A LOT of room to improve, but everthing I'm wearing, except the IK helm, was either crafted or found, including my Skorn. I bought the IK helm off the AH with gold I farmed. Never have used the RMAH for either gold or items... just don't see the point.

Just haven't found that payday item yet, so I'm always broke! =P
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@ Araphel

Solid barb

- Decent DPS
- Decent HP
- Decent AR

Well-balanced between DPS, HP and survivability.

There is room for improvement as you mentioned:
- Shoulders can do with another 100+ Str
- Gloves - maybe a +Vit or +All Resis property (both if your lucky)
- Belt - more +Str

My barbarian is 100% non-RMAH, IIRC:

1) Helm - 4m gold
2) Chest - self-found IK Chest
3) Belt - 14m gold WH
4) Legs - 4m gold DD
5) Boots - 7m gold IC
6) Ring - 4m gold
7) Amulet - crafted
8) Gloves - 4m gold
9) Shoulders - crafted
10) Bracers - crafted
11) Main Hand - Skorn - 13m

DPS: 253K (Battle rage, but no enchantress buffs)
AR - 510 min (War cry)
46.6K HP
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Your barb is definitely a head basher. I'd recommend crafting bracers with all res....yes the 6%cc is sexy, but just looking at the numbers makes me think you could eliminate a nice chunk of squishiness with just one piece of gear. 500 all res (unbuffed) is the minimum to shoot for, especially for a barb that fights in the thick of things. Very solid barb.

8/10 for barb
12/10 for shopping savvy

**I logged out zerked**
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I would recommend switching to an IK chest, witching hour, and picking up life steal on one of your weapons. The ias fron the tals chest would be picked up oh the WH and you will have a lot more strength on an IK chest. The rest looks pretty solid tho
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@LordBaker solid barb...love the SoJ. 9/10.

As with my build, there are many small changes that can be done, but need to get the gold :-). All the best!!!
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8/10 decent barb but you lack in movement speed
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9.5/10-Can upgrade gems i guess...? awesome barb!
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9/10 - Nice crafting you got there...esp the shoulders. Pretty solid dps and hp as well :)
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8/10 ... very nice tdps you have there ... two things I don't like tho;

- Low ehp .. gonna have trouble with high MP

- Very confused about your attack speed choices: you give up quite alot to wear your chest and helm for that extra 18% attack speed. Ok I get that if you want to go all out tdps - but then you skip attack speed on the two pieces where it's easy to get (rings). Might want to work towards attack speed on your rings ... at least then you maximize your chest/helm investment .. or you can get more defensive on those pieces which will help you in high MP.
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Nice barb man,

I like the dmg for a dual weilder. My recommerndation is to craft amulets because I think you can find better than what you're wearing. It's a nice amulet but with a few mil invested into crafting maybe you can pull out a better one.. Great barb none the less though.

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dude..... sick barb. 10/10.
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-you need more all resist which you can get on your pants and bracers
-you need more damage increasing stats on your ring and gloves
-you can get more health by crafting vit shoulders with strength
-swap out nerves of steel for ruthless
-get at least 5% lifesteal on your skorn and if thats not enough then swap out tough as nails for bloodthirst
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6/10 good barb
-upgrade your gem
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Love the resist all, but wonder if you might benefit from more crit hit chance, on your helm and bracers?
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Happy to see a none WW build and some thing totally different. This is my first time rating some 1 but in my opinion you could do with better shoulders especially now since you can craft better 1's with same STR. All in all really nice looking barb.

For who ever is gonna rate me bare in mind that my barb is fully self found. No GAH nor RMAH used. There is very much i can improve on my barb and i know that so i hope my RNG get's bit better in the future or that the new legendary tweaks will give me more options for gear changes.

Thank you and i play on EU server so check my profile there.
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@Jovcha, your profile is unavailable :(
@Kiwi, Interesting build you are using. Seems like you either had terrible luck finding items or wanted to go with a more tanky approach. IMO easiest upgrades for you would be rings with the following stats.

30+ Average Damage
Crit Damage (or IAS if you so chose)
4% + Crit
AR (if you need it and can afford it)
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7/10 , since you are a self found , Solid HP and solid AR but DPS needs some improvement. I always appreciate the self-found players. But if we forget about self-found property , it is hardly 5/10
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03/27/2013 07:02 AMPosted by bwest86
@Jovcha, your profile is unavailable :(

As i mentioned i play on Europe server so when you click on my profile click on Europe link after that and it will get you to my profile.
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03/27/2013 07:06 AMPosted by Jovcha
@Jovcha, your profile is unavailable :(

As i mentioned i play on Europe server so when you click on my profile click on Europe link after that and it will get you to my profile.

Woops my bad. Decent barb considering it is based on your RNG alone. Your gloves are absurd especially had they rolled higher crit.
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