"There was an error connecting to Battle.net" Error 3005
From the sticky and support center this error is supposed to indicate a timeout usually brought on by too many users trying to log in from the same ip address (which is a shoddy policy imo, if that is all it is). The remedy is that if you wait a while and try again it should work.
My problem is that I am on a U.S. military base (state side) behind what I believe to be a very large subnet. I don't know much besides that about the setup except that speedtest.net claims I am connected via a comcast line.
While I can't be sure that so many people from the network are trying to log in that it is creating this problem, I have been trying for over 8 hours to connect waiting a minimum of 30 minutes each time without success, so I feel it may be something else.
I tried a VPN and it worked for a while but then abruptly stopped working.
I accept my chances of solution are dismal but I would very much appreciate some help on this.
Thank you in advance.