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TheDarkSouls [NA][720p] Stream!!!

Hey guys, My name is Zeb. I tend to stream Diablo III on a daily basis for 7-9 hours depending on the day. I have to adjust my stream schedule around my work schedule but, don't get me wrong I am dedicated to streaming. So lets get onto the details!!!

Stream Link


I used to stream on Own3d but as we all know they are non existant anymore, Twitch was the next place for me to go. Am I a popular streamer? No, but I strive to be and work hard for it.

What's the stream about?

I main a Sweeping Wind based Monk that does 130k DPS at the moment, keep in mind I am level 60 with almost level 30 Paragon. I don't have alot of "High End" gear but I am capable of doing MP7 solo and MP8/9/10 w/ friends or even viewers. Does having no uber geared characters make me any less of a good streamer? No. I farm constantly and key hunt constantly, and do viewer based Uber Runs & Key Hunting & Farming as well. I also do power leveling as well, FREE. :) On another note I have a Barb and a few others.


I was striving to actually get some giveaways going and honestly to this day haven't set one off. But I have decided that every week I will be giving away 3 random legendaries and some game gold. Like I said I am very limited with what I have and everything, it makes me sad but, what can I do except farm hardcore everyday and get as much gold/items as I can and try to profit. Either way, I will also do giveaways at every 5 followers. Right now i'm sitting pretty at 8 followers..pretty decent start!

Stream Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 1P - 10P [EST]
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday - 1P - 5P [EST]
Saturday - 3P - 10P [EST]

I hope to see some of you viewing and enjoying yourselves, keep in mind I do chat with viewers (dual screens ftw!) Happy Hunting everyone!!!
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Streams up, hope everyone had a good weekend.


I had to cancel my stream for today due to personal reasons, It saddens me to do so but..I didn't really have a choice..
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Streams up, hope everyone had a good weekend.


I think today is going to be a better day, i'm sorry I canceled yesterday..main reason was because of trouble with the fiance. Out of respect it was better I turn off the stream rather than you guys hear the fighting and arguing.
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Going liveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee @ www.twitch.tv/thedemonssoullol

Thanks for as much support as I have gotten, remember my very first giveaway is at 10 or 15 viewers, depending and also keep in mind more giveaways as the follower count goes up as well.
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