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Crafting Radiant ★ Gems from scratch (almost)

Although spending anywhere from 15-16M gold on the AH to buy a Radiant ★ Gem isn't a huge deal, considering most people have billions of gold now, it still is a lot. This is more or less for saving 10M on the emeralds which are the most expensive to buy.

Radiant ★ 400k 20 Tomes
Perfect ★ 600k 45 Tomes
Flawless ★ 900k 108 Tomes
★ 2,160k 243 Tomes
Radiant ■ 4,050k 486 Tomes
Perfect ■ 7,290k 729 Tomes

So if you wanted to craft a Radiant ★ Gem from the Flawless gems you find when in inferno, you would need:

Flawless ■ -> 729
Gold ->15.4 Million
Tomes -> 1,631 Tomes

* Not taking into account the time you would have to spend clicking to make these.

**The task of clicking should be made easier in 1.0.8 due to the "craft all" addition.

*** I know this isn't from scratch as in from the original chipped gem. However, more people spend more time in inferno and would be more likely to come across these listed materials.
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Using all the materials if you find them saves you money but costs you time. To buy them from the AH won't save you much at all. maybe 50k. Then the time clicking on top of it.
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To up all my current Emeralds to Radiant Star through crafting, it'd be 77m, minus whatever my current Stars would count for (and NOT counting the cost of necessary Tomes of Flawless Squares).

Or, I could grab 5 Radiant Stars for $10.50 on the RMAH.
I swore I'd never use it, but...daaaaaaang that is tempting. >_>
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did you say most people have billions?

ehm... are you insane?
most people struggle to get millions dude.

The very very few, have billions.

I play casually at about 5 hours / week - and I dont have any more than a few millions at any given time, either in gems or in gold.
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That's because you don't play the AH.

Many people are billionaires because they've used the AH to flip up. That or RMAH of course.

People that are broke simply need to work on their trading skills. I started with a skorn I bought for 500k and sold for 1.5m. Then bought something else and sold for more and again and again.

Only way to get rich unless you're that guy that finds a bil item within 100hrs.
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