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Nirvana Build Discussion Thread and Guide

07/08/2013 02:16 PMPosted by Sohnzai
Especially against Magda when she goes completely invulnerable until you kill the Skeleton King.

I haven't tested on Magda, but when elites go invulnerable the DoT immediately ends and thus regen. It would work well on SB/Kulle and excellently against Ghom/Rak though.

If your team is on the same page htough you can use SK's minions to proc Nirvana. The Magda fight will be very low dps though once he is dead.
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Fists of Fury is just like any other generator,
ubers are the same as anything else,
punch them and drop bells til they're dead.
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I'm hoping to try my luck later.... *crosses fingers
Hey Fitz,

I've finally released my personal guide of Nirvana in the german forums, isn't so popular over here (unfortunately).
Hope you don't mind I've mentioned they should tune in your YT/Twitch channel to see some action.

I'd be too lazy to make some video guides or stream myself. ;-)

So let's hope more fellow monks will attain in nirvana.

HF & keep up the good work. ;-)

Glad to hear it. Paste the link and I will put it in the OP.

Here you go, thx. ;-)
thank you for bringing the knowledge of Nirvana to the Nordland.

This is a gift from Odin and the gods.
Go and gather the Germanic legion under our banner.
Soon we shall expand on our kingdom of prosperity! >:)
5/ This requires at least 2 monsters to activate, you can cast IWL before, or after the monsters are afflicted with FoF, it does not matter as long as 2 monsters are taking the DoT damage. (that which causes the spirit regen to proc)

So does this build work well with ubers because they always come as a pair?
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Never tried it with ubers i'm always using support build.
You'd probably want a good CM wiz .
I think SK and the witch would be tough though!!
It can work but really isn't ideal. You will output alot of damage on Ghom/Rak very easily. SB/Kulle will be a little harder, and obviously SK/Magdha you will only be fighting her solo at the end.

a CMWiz greatly helps in this as grogan stated as well.
Hey Fitz, you're alone no longer, I have backed you up with Chimera, together these 2 builds shall flourish. Keep the other one bumped once in a while. >:D
What type of SOJ would work best for this build for max dmg buff to bells?
07/26/2013 01:18 AMPosted by MasterPUA
What type of SOJ would work best for this build for max dmg buff to bells?

FOr max damage (not taking into account elite bonus) you simply want an SoJ with Wave of Light Crit Chance and max Elemental Damage roll.
looking good. >:)
Can I use WothF while spamming bells while in Nirvana state or would it interrupt my bell spamming?
It would.

when you are already in Nirvana state,
there's no need to use WoTHF, so just spam bells.
I like this build but I am having a huge problem with reflect damage groups, how do you handle them? Is this build ideal for solo farming?
07/29/2013 08:29 PMPosted by Archangel890
I like this build but I am having a huge problem with reflect damage groups, how do you handle them? Is this build ideal for solo farming?

Swap your WKL for LS one when you meet RD pack.
I decided to not go with the Nat 2 set (boots and ring) for the extra 7% cc and went with IC boots and rare ring instead.

I'm also thinking of replacing my Inna's radiance (dropping the Inna's 3-set bonus) and get a high dex mempo (no crit) instead, then going back to Nat boots and ring (for the Nats 2-set bonus of 7% cc).

Which gearing path should I choose to be effective with this build even when not in Nirvana state?
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