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Nirvana Build Discussion Thread and Guide

Fitz's MP10 Group Farming Guide

That should sum it up for groups!

^ you see the 666 in that url? ;D forboding...

Come, I have a gift for you.
Find me in game, we must talk,
for my exodus draws near.
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I like how everyone associated with count fury and the others RP in every single post they make.
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thread, rise again.
Will be interesting what becomes of this mechanic in the patch, especially considering that Paragon points as well as diamonds in gear can be used to even further reduce the cooldown of Infused with Light, making maintaining infinite spirit a distinct possibility.

Personally, I would be shocked if the synergy wasn't nerfed, I doubt that Blizzard will put up with infinite spirit generation for what is essentially bug exploitation.
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why not? they put up with WW barb for a whole year. ;)
if perma arcane power wizard exists, what makes you think perma spirit monks can't? :D
It's not a bug, it's a beast.
A bug is a malfunctioning of the coding that causes malevolent and erroneous results.
A beast is a strand of benevolent codes that gained sentience and took on a life of its own, and benefits the surrounding strands.

F.O.F. = 666
also look at this thread's number and add 1 to 5. :D

This synergy's existence is all Providence.
Even its numerologies says nerf chance is very very slim.
But I'll keep my fingers crossed, haha.
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why not? they put up with WW barb for a whole year. ;)
if perma arcane power wizard exists, what makes you think perma spirit monks can't? :D
It's not a bug, it's a beast.
A bug in a malfunction the coding that causes malevolent and erroneous results.
A beast is a strand of benevolent codes that gained sentience and took on a life of its own, and benefits the surrounding strands.

This synergy's existence is all Providence.
Even its numerology says nerf chance is very very slim.
But I'll keep my fingers crossed, haha.

I know, they did put up with perma-zerker for far too long, but they look like they may fix it now, as well as perma-archon. Bug, beast, let's not split hairs, I doubt that it was intended for a dot effect to regain spirit at such an incredible rate, as fun as it is to spam abilities as if they were free.

Just wondering if they'll squash it. Its hardly malevolent to use it, and it isn't as famous as the invincibility of the others, but it still may deserve its turn with the nerf bat.
i just want diamonds now :D
I had quit for a while and just came back, glad I found this thread, was stuck farming mp6, now doing mp7/8 after getting a cheap stat stick and cheap mh. Thanks!

Dropping one with everything by going barb set helped me open up pascifism for solo and guiding light for coop. picked up a cheap soj too!

Thanks for posting this.

Glad you are having fun with it and also glad you realized that the build allows you to farm higher MPs than using a basic cookie build if you become skilled with it.
Hey fellas,
the other day I made a small poll to understand the consciousness of the monks regarding Nirvana, and where they want to take this knowledge in the future.
With the expansion coming up, we are at the threat of the nerf hammer, just like all valuable specs always are. The Barbarian is going down, in RoS, there'll be no more WW barb. They are completely changing their skills, and I believe they are binding it to gear pieces in order to make a WW barb.

We, however, are not at a large scale like the WW barb, and will evade the nerf hammer.
Nirvana is a relatively minor known build among the Monk population,
as well as being the more difficult build to use out of the other popular specs.

So the options in the poll were as follow,
A/ expand the knowledge of Nirvana to more of the monk population,
find new monks and help them understand and gear for spec, convert and conquer.
B/ contain the spread of Nirvana, classify the build and don't talk about it,
encourage monks to stay low key with it, and only tell their friends.
C/ do nothing, pretend it doesn't exist, ignorance is bliss. Or people who don't use Nirvana.

And here's the result of the votes from this community and a few guys from EU.

A/ 9
B/ 8
C/ 6

Let's take the statistics above and understand the cognitive ratio.
Of all the monks that took part in the poll, 74% are Nirvana Monk. ;)
of the Nirvana Monks above, 52% says spread the knowledge to more people.
and 48% says contain it and keep it a secret.

And rightly so, you can see Nirvana being spread at a slow and steady pace throughout the world. (If) the nerf hammer is eminent, I encourage you to bring the knowledge to more of the Monk population, so that all the brothers can understand and enjoy this build.
I hope that we can keep this ratio, and convert new monks to our kingdom, while preserving the knowledge from getting too mainstream. Go and make some friends in general game lobby, find new monks who are in obscurity and help them out to understand and use this spec.

Make Ytar proud and go forth and conquer.
Do not fear, do not despair, remember its humble origins,
and do not be arrogant when you reach the summit.
Teach the monks who are in obscurity,
with Perseverance and Faith, this synergy will prevail.

Good luck, have fun.
And may our realm withstand the fall of time. >:)

Yours Truly,

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Great thoughts.

I prefer the infinite cyclone/pillars myself while in Nirvana.
As stated in OP,
You can find in-depth information about the synergy, as well as various builds around Nirvana here:

any old returning Nirvana monks feel free to check it out.
Months ago, your Nirvana build stayed on my skill bar for some time. It was fun to mess around with the insane spirit pool. Instead of bells, I've used it to cyclone strike and palm as many things as I could!

I appreciate the effort that you've put into this thread. Thanks for your.... ummmm.... guide? o.O

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Thanks Elusive. I will think on it.

I think it is important to keep this thread on topic though, which is the Nirvana build and synergy.
Table of Contents:

-Preface - Fitz/CountFury Credits and Links
-Nirvana - An Explanation of the Synergy
-Gear - Weapon Recommendations/Budget SoJ
-The Beginning and End Builds - Where I Started and Where I am
-Build Variety - The Original Fitz Build and More
-Final Comments - Stop Nerfing Monks



This guide was transported here as a reference to Monk who hear great things about a Nirvana build from the forums, a twitch stream, or whatnot, but don't feel comfortable registering on a non-official forum to read such a guide - as such MNN has presented this guide in it's semi-original form as a reference. Updated builds/discussion can follow or continue in the original thread as linked below.

Credit goes to Fitz for organizing a now-obsolete thread that listed and discussed the build on the official monk forums.

View his original thread here:

Credit goes to CountFury for being the first that I know of to discover this. His original name for the synergy was "Dark Side of the Moon." I had forgotten this when I created this thread and subsequently used the name "Nirvana" because it suited the synergy and because Nirvana is a kick !@# band. It caught on. I apologize publicly here for this.

View his "Chimera" TR/Nirvana hybrid build here:




A monk who has attained Nirvana no longer needs magical aid in regeneration of one's "spirit." Having sought and found peace, the monk can channel large amounts of spirit in short bursts, allowing him/her to deal massive amounts of damage to enemies during this time. How does one become so enlightened? Through the mastery of Fury and of Light as explained below.

Way of the Hundred Fists: Fists of Fury and Breath of Heavan: Infused with Light

Infused with Light has the unique property of giving bonus spirit regeneration to spirit generating attacks for 5 seconds.

Fists of Fury has the unique property of putting a Damage over Time, or DoT effect on enemies.

Because WothF is a spirit generator, and with the way DoT works, if you hit more than one target with a 2nd strike of WothF while BoH is active you will generate massive amounts of spirit during the first 5 seconds of BoH, but only while the enemies you applied the DoT on stay alive.

Infused with Light + Fists of Fury 2 attacks + 2 or more enemies + enemies stay alive = infinite spirit for duration of Infused with Light

You have reached Nirvana, albeit only temporarily. For 5 seconds you may now utilize any spirit spender as much as you want. From this point on, this guide will use the term "Nirvana" in place of this synergy explanation.




This synergy and subsequent builds work very well with 0 spirit regen DW setups. It is a natural fit for former Cookie users due to this.

Main Hand Weapon
Main hand weapons should have the highest possible average damage. This typically means (for those with a budget) that slower weapons are a better choice. I recommend spears or maces with as high an average damage range as possible.

However, if you have the budget, high average damage weapons that have more attack speed can outperform slower weapons.

Off-Hand Weapon
The single best off-hand weapon to use for this build is the Echoing Fury (EF). The +attacks bonus from the EF enables you to drop bells faster than otherwise. (Bell attack speed is not affected by off-hand weapon speed. It is based on increased attack speed bonuses and your main hand weapon's attack speed.) Further, the typical downfall of the EF is "fear." However, the proc rate is rather low on WothF (and the damage so high!) that the annoyance of fear is minimized with these builds. Further, the proc rate in Bells is even lower.

For Example:
With 10% Fear EF:

Attack 1 75% * 10% = .75 * .10 = 7.5%
Attack 2 09% * 10% = .09 * .10 = 9%
Attack 3 50% * 10% = .05 * .10 = 5%

The single best possible weapon set up you can use for Nirvana is the following:

Main Hand Weapon Stats:
Weapon Average Damage <---- as high as possible
Dexterity <---------------------------- as high as possible
Critical Damage <------------------ as high as possible
Life Steal <--------------------------- whatever you need here!
Open Socket <---------------------- here you will place a ruby

Off Hand Weapon Stats
Weapon Average Damage <---- matters very little
Dexterity <---------------------------- as high as possible
Critical Damage <------------------ as high as possible
Open Socket <---------------------- here you will place a emerald
+ Attacks Per Second <--------- 0.25 attacks per second if possible

Can't I just put Life Steal on my offhand?

Yes, you can. However, above is not what you and can't do, it is what you should do. You should do it, because it is the best set up. Here is why:

Main Hand

1. Dexterity
As you approach GG stats, Dex gives you a massive damage boost.

2. Critical Damage
As you approach GG stats, CD gives you a massive damage boost.

3. Life Steal
Rares can roll all four key stats, while EFs cannot. That is why you want an LS MH.

4. Open Socket
Bell damage is calculated off the main hand weapon damage. Rubies give significant boosts to main hand weapon damage.


Off Hand

1. Dexterity
Same as above.

2. Critical Damage
Same as above

3. Open Socket
Emerald here will boost your critical damage which applies to all crits, including Bells.

4. + Attacks Per Second
Attack per second boosts are applied to both the weapon itself, and your other weapon, which in turn boosts your bell dps by a significant amount.


That is the best possible Nirvana set up. However, you may move things around as you see fit based upon your personal budgetary needs. Just keep in mind that stats you want and focus on your main hand weapon damage and speed, boosted by your off hand weapon's dexterity, critical damage and any +attacks per second.

Stone of Jordan

Because this build does not rely on pasive spirit regeneration prioritize your SoJ needs this way:

1. Wave of Light CC
2. Elite Damage %
4. Spirit Regeneration

Finding a low spirit regen SoJ with other high bonuses is very cost effective with this build.

The Beginning and End Builds



This is the easiest transition for former "Cookie" monks. Utilize your FoT/SW:Cyclone/Overawe spam as you would normally. When you are attacking large mobs or elites, activate Nirvana, then spam bells until you're out of spirit.

Be sure to refresh Overawe while spamming bells while in the state of Nirvana.

*Note that Beacon of Ytar is an excellent choice for this build if you can drop One with Everything or Seize the Initiative.


This is my current build. Notice I have dropped FoT as well as SW:Cyclone. FoF has a terrible proc rate for cyclones, so I have decided to use the extra damage from Blade Storm. Blade Storm also has the added benefit of keeping you alive well when frozen. This build is extremely useful for killing high MP elites quickly. When encountering them, activate Nirvana, Blind/Overawe/Bell until dead.


Adding this build into the mix because it is incredibly useful on trash mob runs in FoM. DS around, tagging mobs with EP and herding them together, pop NIrvana, drop some bells and watch the explosions as you DS to the next mob.


Build Variety


There are many variations to these builds. On one end, I have shown you a slight tweak from the Cookie. On the other, a complete dropping of FoT and SW:Cyclone that is actually effective. Here are other builds utilized by community members. Note the first here, which is the original build from the depths of the mind of CountFury.


Final Comments


The build is not OP when in comparison with other class builds. Here is why:

1. You can only spam spenders for 5 seconds every 10 seconds. (7 if you use BoY)
2. This synergy actually takes a bit of strategy and skill to utilize effectively.
3. This synergy is only viable on high MPs.
4. You must give up alot of average dps in exchange for burst dps.

While there are questions over whether or not this synergy is intended, there is no denying the fun of its use nor the build variety it gives monks as a class. We have succeeded in not using FoT and SW: Cyclone, as a community. This has been only done in a viable way once before, with the introduction of the Tempest Rush build. We now have options as a class. Please Blizzard, keep it that way.

Thank you for reading everyone.
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I have moved the guides because keeping multiple guides up to date (I have 6 currently) in two separate locations with large scale changes coming is not something I am willing to do.

Google indexes should update the guide locations rather quickly. Seeing as the link is here as well it shouldn't be too difficult for anyone to locate them in the meantime.

We are in the early stages of developing a full fledged fan and clan web site in anticipation of the expac. We plan on this being the largest and best clan in the d3 community and are pouring our efforts into that goal.

I see nothing petty in that. With that being said, I will no longer be addressing the changes I made to my post here. I would appreciate the same so this thread can be used for its intended purpose, which is to discuss the Nirvana builds and play style.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact me directly. I am easy to find.
Where can I find you sir?
I have moved the guides because keeping multiple guides up to date (I have 6 currently) in two separate locations with large scale changes coming is not something I am willing to do.

Google indexes should update the guide locations rather quickly. Seeing as the link is here as well it shouldn't be too difficult for anyone to locate them in the meantime.

I didn't say you needed to update, just leave the original version folks are familiar with and add a link the new location. But if you're going to take your ball and go home, at least make the new home a trustworthy place. I don't know about everyone else but I shy away from visiting shady 'free' sites, as they don't instill the highest of secure-malware-popup-ad-free internet experience. Maybe list it on a diablofans or whatnot?

Anyways, for those wondering where they can see a copy of this build, a reference version has been posted to the Monk forums located here:


I figured it should be an option for those who don't want to register on random websites.
That shady site > This.

Sorry bro. It's the truth.
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