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Nirvana Build Discussion Thread and Guide

04/18/2013 11:54 AMPosted by QHTran
don't you just love the empowered shrines

Hahaha... shhhh!
04/18/2013 01:32 PMPosted by Fitz
Hahaha... shhhh!

lol but fitz .. blizz asked http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/9538562/poll-whats-your-favorite-shrine-4-17-2013

lol..but yeah shhh ;)
04/18/2013 11:54 AMPosted by QHTran
hey fellow nirvana monks .... don't you just love the empowered shrines ;)

I agree
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03/23/2013 02:34 AMPosted by Fitz
Further, the typical downfall of the EF is "fear." However, the proc rate is rather low on WothF (and the damage so high!) that the annoyance of fear is minimized with these builds. Further, the proc rate in Bells is even lower.

So I haven't been doing Nirvana much lately, but I want to ask about your experience and opinion about the EF. As much as EF's fear is annoying to some, I would think that it would actually be very useful to proc fear with this synergy, since it relies on the monsters you hit to remain alive in order to fuel nirvana. So if they are feared into being further out of range, then your spirit would more likely continue to be continually filled for those 5s.

I had experience (pre-patch) where monsters would die within 1 second of triggering nirvana, and losing the spirit regen for the other 4s. Ultra annoying. Hated it even more if they just hung around died because of my SW.

So what do you think... would a high % chance to fear actually work to the benefit of this synergy? Or in your experience, you'd want to keep it as low as possible, regardless?

If it works for you, then it works!

I try to grab low fear EFs just because it can be a pain in groups if you're using a more standard build. However, one of the things I enjoy most about these particular builds is the role good decision making plays in maximizing your efficiency.

If I am on my A game, I never spam away until empty unless I know mobs won't be dead until the cool down is over. I also tag monsters just outside the radius of where I plan on dropping and then tagging the highest HP monster in a group (demonic tremors are great for this) so I don't lose the regen. I even will let some monsters follow me and after slaying a group turn with the last bell and finish the followers off.

But that is my technique. I think yours can be a clever way to deal with the issue you brought up though. If you give it a shot, let me know how you make out.
Fear on EF is annoying when you trigger it against the elite that you're trying to kill

I normally just tag monsters as I go in CotA unless there's a clump of them then stay for the fight if not I search for the elites

normally when I activate nirvana the monsters should already be pulsating with the holy light

but I haven't noticed the fear from just droping bells and my EF is pretty high fear ... yeah I caved in when I couldn't find soemthing like what nameless have
Sadly, I don't have a high fear LS EF in my stash. Like you, my search for LS has always been for the lowest fear I can get at the stats I need. My current LS will work fine for me for a while until I can find something in the lower 10s.

I'll see about testing this idea. Maybe I'll head into AH and look for a 20% Fear proc LS EF and see how much they go for. I have too many things to test right now and not enough time!

Thanks for your insight though. Helpful, as usual.
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High fear is nice. I was regretting of getting a 19.1 fear EF back then. Now I am at least content about it.
@Op, this might be the first time you've seen my bt and comment on this build, just one word though - it's AWESOME.

im new to the class by the way, p71 heh! since i've been playing my monk more than ever to get ready for the WoTB nerf, lol. tried the cookie cutter build, EP, TR etc... but this build is fun while being effective,. it made me laugh while farming in mp8, since the elites can't seem to do anything when the bells begins to rain. while dropping it, the small window of separation between you and the elite helps in one's survivability, i.e if 1 is standing in plague it pushes them to a certain distance the enable me to move away from the ground effect.

the good thing is i have lessen my deaths for each run to around 1-2 which is acceptable by my standards.

+1 and ty
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I am glad you are enjoying it. It definitely takes some getting used to but once you nail it down it is one of the more (and by more I mean most) powerful DW builds there are.

It is not a build where you pop it on for 5 minutes and have it nailed down, unlike some of the other builds out there. The reward though is in the hands of a skillful player it is unbeatable in dps.

Here are a couple helpful tips:

1. Before hitting Infused, make sure you put the DoT on some monsters so your pool fills right away when reaching Nirvana. This means get to the 2nd animation of WothF beforehand every time. I actually hit it during an attack and continue for 2 more hits, so my pool fills and the DoT lasts the full 5 seconds of Nirvana.

2. Don't get lazy. The build gets you used to just standing in the pocket firing away because you can dish out and soak up so much damage at the same time. However, when on cooldown you can get yourself into trouble. Plan an escape route!

3. Empowered Shrines allow you to go bat !@#$ crazy. You have unlimited spirit during the entire duration if you are good at the build.
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@Fitz, ty for the tips... the glaring mistake i made running it is when i face an elite pack and i immediately spam SW(if it is deactivated) then hit Infused > WothF>Bells but with trash its SW > WothF>Bells whereas it should be WothF before anything else. definitely, im gonna do my best to be good at it.

Even so, with my incorrect way of spamming the skills, i noticed i don't ever run out spirit the way it happens with the other builds i have tried.

the only time i'm having trouble is when cornered with Serenity on cd but with this build i hardly use it anymore 'cause i notice that when dropping the bells elites are momentarily unable to move and pushed away... how much more if i use Blinding Light?

yes, empowered shrine is the monk's best friend... once again ty for taking off your time to impart your expertise on this build.

Bells away!!!

EDIT: ah! BL-Fitl could replace serenity to max damage output and works as "escape button" as well.
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04/27/2013 05:36 AMPosted by RazorX
how much more if i use Blinding Light?

It depends on your attack speed, but in my case, Blind causes my bell dps to go from:


Over the course of 3 seconds that is extra 18,217,155 damage which considerably drops Elite kill times.
oh crap! gonna test it tonite.
If that is the case it should be renamed from Nirvana to Mojo.

Hi, thx for the guide. I have some question :)
1. EF in OH is a must ? How many amount of bells different with rare sword ?
2. OH weapon damage effects to WOL damage ?
1. EF in OH is a must ? How many amount of bells different with rare sword ?
2. OH weapon damage effects to WOL damage ?

1. No, not a must, but greatly increases your MH attack speed, which translates into a pretty significant dps boost. The number of bells you can drop depends on your IAS + MH Wep. I have seen some people able to drop 15 Bells with very high attack speed weapons and gear. As such, a very good dagger would outperform most other weapons.

2. OH does not affect WoL damage except for the dex and CD boosts.
you guys crazy...

just use a wkl and cookie cutter imo

(am i doing it right?)
just use a wkl and cookie cutter imo

(am i doing it right?)

Just wanna share my nirvana build with 2H weapon


Skill Build
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