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My Diablo 4 with the whole main storyline

Hi everyone.
Firstly, sorry for my poor English...... since I'm a player from Hong Kong.

This is a passage I posted in the Taiwan forum Bahamut (http://forum.gamer.com.tw/Co.php?bsn=21400&sn=1161427) written in Chinese. But you don't need to read it if you don't know the Chinese language. I'll translate it into English...... with my poor English. lol

One day, I fought for equips in the Desolate Sands and discovered a story about this place that mentioned the dragons. Then, a story about Diablo and dragons got into my mind.

Well, I doesn't mentioned a lot about the system in this passage because I think I'm not very good on it, although I've designed several Warcraft III maps and do enjoy making games.

Alright, let's just begin the story of my Diablo 4!


The final boss of Diablo 4 is no longer Diablo himself, but he'll still appear as a main enemy. And the main character(the player) is the best apprentice of one of the Nephalnems(main character of Diablo 3).

The story of Diablo 4 is set after 17 years of Diablo 3, which means the Prime Evil had died for 17 years. The gates to hell were all destroyed and there were no leader in the hell. Many demons which attacked Sanctuary for Belial or Azmodan were besieged in the mortal world. Some of them became the slaves of humans, as some shrewd demons became Demotla, who gain power in the empires and kingdoms. The 5 Nephalem who cast down the Prime Evil lived in seclusion after they saved the world.

As humans restored their power from the Demon War, their ambition became greater and greater. They set up great empires, attacked the other countries for their own nations. Some empires used the low level demons (which are not the Demotlas) as soldiers or sappers . Lands which were not plunged into the World War are Xiansai (East Asia culture) and Dreadlands.

(So sad there's word limitation. To be continued after 3mins)
People lost everything because of the ambitious empires and the war caused by ambition. Some of them died, some of them became bandits. Many of them who chose to be bandit had set up the Rat Party, a united party of bandits, which were hated by the people lived in comfortability.

The 2 strongest and most ambitious empires were Aranoch (country of Lut Gholein) and Westmarch. They were not plunged into the Demon War, as they deliberately avoid to "waste" their money and soldiers to save the world. As the other countries were trying to fight against the demons, the 2 empires trained their soldiers and developed economy more diligently. After the demons lost and the other countries were exhausted, Westmarch invaded Khanduras and annexed it easily. After 12 years, Westmarch initiated the World War by attacking the Torajan Jungles and Aranoch.

In the east, Kehjistan (country of Caldeum) was no longer a power. It was divided by several Warlords after Belial died. As it had no more benefit to the other empires, it was not attacked by the foreigners, although the civil war between the Warlords were also tragic. Also, during the time of World War, the Warlords used the most demons compared to other empires. Most of them were left by Belial, as some of them became Demotlas and control the Warlord governments.

Xiansai, an ancient and mysterious land, do always tried not to be involved by the wars. Although Xiansai was still in peace, the emperor of Scosglen do always tried to rope the emperor of Xiansai, wanted to defeated the other empires with the ancient knowledge of Xiansai people. The 3 most powerful people of Xiansai proposed 3 different doctrine. General Erding Hong, wanted to turn Xiansai into a single power and be the victor of World War. Diplomatist Wulun Li, wanted Xiansai to be the ally of Scosglen. Emperor Long Huang, didn't want to mind the World War and wanted to keep in peace. The 3 doctrine got their supporters and nearly destroyed the polity.

As the humans were focused on their stupid war, the most powerful servant of Azmodan, Sholeth the Lord of Anger escaped from Nephalem's hunt and fled to the Dry Steppes, controlled the beasts there and developed an army by the beasts and demons. Sholeth didn ' t forget that who was the person made him such embarrassed that lost his mighty legion. He tried to find any ways to open the gate to hell again to get the demons in hell and became as another Prime Evil and to take revenge on the 5 Nephalems . He was one of the 2 last High Demon (the another one was the son of Belial, Frandaeas), and the most tenacious monster in Sanctuary.

(well, so good that it's only 1min but not 3mins)
One day, when Aranoch and Westmarch was fighting in the ruins of Tristram, and Westmarch was going to lose, a huge dragon suddenly appeared from north and killed many soldiers of Aranoch. Tides of war changed, from one-side winning to balance.

With the guide of your Nephalem master, you went to Tristram to know what happened. The epic adventures has begun. In Diablo 4, you will go to the Pandemonium to discover where did the dragons appear and why did they born, go back to hell and crush the last power of demons, end the World War which plunged Sanctuary into chaos, and finally defeat the final boss in heaven.


Story outline completed. New features will be translated soon.

p.s. So thank you google! (Big hug)
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