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Accidental Selling gear to Merchant


03/22/2013 08:11 AMPosted by iLLiCiTMedia
I'm amazed at how people panic when they accidentally lose or get scammed out of an item in this game. You're learning valuable life lessons on the cheap. Take your time and be more careful. Maybe you shouldn't be farming D3 20 hours a day if you're getting so tired you're making mistakes. That's life's little sign to take a break.


I know it sucks OP, but Blizz should not be protecting us from ourselves. Just take it as a lesson learned. My observation in real life is that idiot proofing things only seems to produce more powerful idiots.
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03/22/2013 07:51 AMPosted by shndany
Item sink working as intended.

I forwarded this thread just because of that comment. Thank you for making my day and many others much richer.
Maybe they could add a dumbarse switch that people like the op could turn on that would give 4 prompts before allowing anything to happen.

Want to sell and item to the merchant - gotta quadruple verify that you do intend to sell that item.
Want to see something on the AH, after you list, it goes to verify page one, then verify page 2, etc.

I personally want to be held accountable for my actions, and do not think others should suffer because I am in too much of a hurry to actually look at what I am doing.

I crafted a new pair of gloves last night that were marginally better than my old ones, and while salvaging the junk ones I made at the same time, I accidentally salvaged the one I had just taken off that could have been great for an alt. Do I go whine about it? NO! I learn from my mistake and am more careful next time.
This problem has a super easy solution i stumbled on recently.

talk to the vendor before you ID items, with the screen open. In one of the patches they fixed it so that right clicking to ID items wont try to sell the UNID item and give you the stupid error message, but insted will ID the item. it will either sell the item or repair it (and it shouldnt be able to be reapired since its a fresh item)

problem solved.
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First of all, not sure if you've been keeping up on the blue posts, but there's going to be an Identify All feature coming in the next patch, so...hopefully your characters won't be destroyed by the time that comes out, ya know, thanks to your own carelessness...

Incidentally, I've accidentally swapped items in a vendor...I've even accidentally SOLD items I didn't want to sell. Thing is, I took my time enough to notice my mistake, and fixed it.

Like others have said, if you're that tired that you're afraid you'll make a mistake, just log off. Full inventory of sellable items, just log right off so you don't make a mistake that could kill your character.

Better yet...until patch 1.0.8 comes out, do what I do...

-Arrive at a vendor
-Click Repair Tab
-Repair All (even if it costs a few gold pieces more)
-ID each piece, with NO fear of selling a single thing you don't want to sell
-Assess everything you want to sell
-Right click away with a clear conscience.

Literally, the only way you're accidentally equipping something you didn't want to is because your rhythm is off when ID'ing. Not only will that be solved FOR YOU in the next patch, but there's an easy method to protect yourself until then.

You're welcome.
Simple solution -- id items while clicked on vendor -- that way you won't flip flop items (right click) in inventory with what character is wearing.
i completly agree with the op that the game should protect us players from accidently selling our gear.

in fact i think the game should play itself. that would be best because you don't have to worry about this weird stuff thats happening when you try to sleep while playing and BOOMM your paragon 68 hardcore character dies.
03/22/2013 09:50 AMPosted by Cameo
Not trying to be mean here but..... how bout we pay attention to what we're doing and be more careful.

If this can happen to the No 2 DH in USA server, it can happen to anybody. BTW, his ring is call "Bulleyes star" - Avg Dmg 33-67 , Dex 97, CC 6%, CD 47% and AS 7%. No 1 dex dps ring at that time.

OoOoOo... the #2 DH in USA server! Must be one awesome guy!!!
I finished last night and probably my time in this game by selling my Skorn with gem by mistake, was just about to end a run but had to go sell before facing Key Warden. As usual i eptied my stash fast by selling all of it since people waited for me to join the battle, fighting Key Warden was though, even if it was MP10 i thought wow. Until i realised i had something completely useless in my hand, going back to the merchant to look for it in the buyback list made me really sad.

Must have clicked one time to many or clicked one identified item instead of unid, some way my Skorn got switched out and sold to merchant along with a full stash, meaning gone forever.

Took me weeks and weeks to save up to buy something usable, never found anything even worth consider using and grinding gold for another set of weeks just to get back to square one is not an option.

Stupid and i dont expect any sympathy, but it seems to happen pretty often when i searched for threads like this.
I sold a 2b chest to vendor oops. Buy another or quit. It is what it is...
Or you could tell your friend to pay attention to what he's doing.

Nice necro, btw.
this happened to me i once vendored the first trifecta i ever found , still gone to this day game karmatically gave me my 2nd found trifecta 2 days later so i was fine with it
This should not happen anymore with the ID all function in game now. If it does, then your friend deserves what he gets.
Blizzard is too freakin dumb to give us a lock feature. I will never understand why they blatantly refuse to add this.
Also when I am trying to have fun in game I don't feel like having to be extra careful and worry every time I am dealing with the vender or whatever.
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05/22/2013 01:26 PMPosted by atsbill123
Blizzard is too freakin dumb to give us a lock feature. I will never understand why they blatantly refuse to add this.

So wait Blizzard is to dumb because they wont help keep you from making the dumb mistakes? /smdh
ADHD much?
be smarter next time its his own fault
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