Diablo® III

Restarting...could use some guidance.

I am coming back;

Please take a look at my toon here;

How is my gear, where do I need to focus my improvements? How is my skill selection; is there a more effective build now?

Also how the heck do I get millions of gold? I hear things are like 30+ million now; I believe I have around 400,000 gold.....What's the strategy for not being poor?
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Your about to do the 100k climb. Looking at your gear, I think you have basic principals down. Look to get more Vitality/Life.

Go to the top sticky in monk forums, there are several GREAT guides to gearing in there, including explainations as to what to look for in each slot.

The real answer is gold. You can't upgrade without it. The two methods are:

Buy Gold. It's sad, no one admits to liking it, but if you want gold, it's advertised dirt cheap.

Farm Like Hell! Make farm runs hoping for the magic drop that will finance your next few upgrades. I got lucky on a 5CC mempo back in 1.07, sold for 900mil, thought I was RICH as hell, but I did not know about D3up.com back then, made a couple bad buys. Magic Find is hard to do on a newer monk, as a Tank, you can't really hang back in MF gear like other classes. Once you get some gold, look at Bruins Budget Build for TR monks (Sticky). Do some TR runs. Don't neglect collecting Tombs, Gems, or even Blues for Crafting Essence and selling them on AH. Keep those Demonic Essence and craft when you can.

Best of luck to you.
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looks like there's quite a long way to climb..
get a pair of inna chest & pants & change ur belt to some cheap WH

you Shenlong is kinda decent for farming MP1.. coz u'll need alot of demonic essences to craft your amulet, bracer, glove & shoulder..

then get a mempo too!
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I like your build. Similiar to what I was looking at doing once I hit 60 in my monk (love SSS). That or I was thinkig a bell build for mass elite damage at the start of a fight.
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Where's the best place to farm??
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When I came back recently too... I was just doing AC1 MP1 farm runs... just started trying AC2 MP1 runs... for Keys, I think I'll up my MP for key runs since I seem to only die if my Serenity is down and I don't move fast enough to get out of plauge, molten, arcane at the same time... or I didnt see frozen pop under with with serenity down... But like someone said above, pick up EVERYTHING blue, yellow, BEAMS, if you think you can sell it on AH sell it, otherwise salvage it & sell the Essences... Made nearly 1M just from that... GL
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Build suggestions:

Combination of Avg damage / Dex / Crit Chance / Crit Damage / IAS on Ammy. Whatever mix you can afford.

Vile wards, with Dex and some mitigation (STR/Vit/Your resist) are cheap

For gods sake, get an Innas helm for the almost free 5.0 crit chance and dex/vit! Dirt cheap.

dirt cheap strongarm bracers for the Dex/%life/Crit chance

Skill suggestions:

Drop resolve, asap for whatever else you like.
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Act III is where you need to start Farming. The mob ratio is best there. Everyone has their own opinion as to where in Act III, I say run the act a few times and then make your choices. I personally like the route Bruin uses for TR runs. It's just long enough to not repeat too often and running backwards seems more fun. I might also suggest VotA (Vault of the Assassin) in Act II. Get the checkpoint so you can just keep re-entering the game with a portal to Vault. I run MP2 TR in there for DEs. But I can imagine that could be a good hunting spot for Elite Drops.

(If you don't know the Vault run, add me in game, I'll show you)

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Looks like you're an Arcane Monk. I happen to be one myself, and I have a few items kicking around that are probably worth a few mil, but I'd be willing to give them to you for free. I'd rather they get a good home and I make no money than have them get flipped by some billionaire. Some highlights include a ~90Dex/Vit, 6%ChC, ~45 Arcane res, ~500 armor bracers, a ~150 Dex, 80 Vit, ~120 OWE res (I believe it's 70 Allres, 50 Arcane res) belt, and some ~150 Dex, 8.5% ChC, 9% IAS, +Armor gloves with around 49 Arcane res. I think I have some pants that might boost you up a bit too.

Add me in-game, and I'll give you most (or possibly all) of those items for free. I probably have a few others you could use as well.
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Changed some stuff around;


also waiting on an Inna's Vast Expanse Chest piece to come through...

Ray, not sure how this impacts what gear you had for me... I sent a friend request either way. With this build I seem to be doing much better clearing through Act 3. (also killed Diablo easy with it on inferno)

I know its not ub3r though so suggestions still welcome??
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Wow you had access to CC lacuni bracers? I think you're on your way.

May consider Gloves with a second damage modifier, i.e. CC to go with the IAS. Yours have nice mitigation but there are some unique values on gloves that you can't get elsewhere. The AR can be had on more armor slots, CC can't.
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I had access to the real money auction house, and a bonus check from work that I dipped into hahaha.

Think they cost me $12 bucks?
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