Im not sure what you are trying to accomplish with your free to play yu gi oh game but after the crap i witnessed in this game... I think you have to pay me a few bucks to play it + another 40 essence for hots.

I dont know about you ladys and gents but i for one learned not to pre-order games.. I blew my money on this game but atleast i saved a bunch by not buying SimCity, Hots, Walking dead survival instincts, aliens colonial marines and a bunch of other titles... D3 was a powerfull lesson.. you cant just blindly follow or trust your favorite companys.

I should be excited about the announcement of the card game yet i find myself extremely doubtful.. You have to do something better than that if you want to restore my (or our) fate in you blizzard.. Im not buying or playing your games guys.. Im sorry.. im realy not.. not after all the crap in d3 and wow.. free to play or not.. its just not enough.

Im deeply offended
Edited by Araxom on 3/25/2013 5:39 PM PDT