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So I hit 190k dps recently... now what?

Subject says it all... what do I gear up on next? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to be able to solo MP10 Inferno for key/uber farming...


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Alright *cracks knuckles* - here we go....

Chest - IK with 150+ vit
Pants - Better inna's, that 39str and 30 vit isnt doing anything. drop it for a 150+vit one with no str.
Boots - Ice Climbers with or without movement speed your choice
Ring 1 - get something with avg dmg on it, and crit chance
Ring 2 - I have a better Litany's in the AH with crit dmg if you are interested - If not, upgrade to a bifecta at least
Belt: Not a bad IK belt, but if you want to deal some dmg then get a witching hour.
Bracers - Not horrible, but try crafting to get better crit chance, or just buy some with better c.c
Amulet - You need a bifecta at least. I have one that is better on the AH if you are interested.
Helm: Hold onto that until you can afford a mempo with c.c., no sense in wasting gold.
Gloves: Those arent horrible, you could get better str on it though.
Weapon: Nice strength roll on that Skorn, but eventually you are going to want some life steal

Congrats on reaching 132K dps, now go for 200K. You need more crit dmg. Once you get to 200K ish you should be able to farm mp10 somewhat easily depending on your playstyle.

Hope this helps, add me in game if you are interested in any of the items I mentioned I might have for you as upgrades. I'll be back on the game sometime Sunday.
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Thanks for the feedback Comrade... There are some good suggestions you listed, some of which I had already planning or was looking into but it's nice to have it validated by someone else.

As I keep raising my DPS with gear it's a constant balance between drawing down my resist all and life vs the extra DPS points. I like your suggestion on the Skorn to because I've reached a point where obviously my DPS is stronger than my survivability based on my EHP.

Of the items you listed above which 1 or 2 would you prioritize over the rest (ie the weakest link in my build)?
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Comrade if you reach higher dips and with enough life steal u wont need very high resist.Combine that with a good soj and elites on mp10 will melt.Look at mt build if it can help u reach that higher dips.
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Of the items you listed above which 1 or 2 would you prioritize over the rest (ie the weakest link in my build)?
your chest armor
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Awesome! Thank you guys!
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I've updated several of the parts that were suggested and am now at 159k dps and updated OP based on what I could afford on AH and find in game.

Anyone have a suggestion on which item I should concentrate on next? Where is my weakest link, what will give me the biggest bang for my buck?

I did find that I can now solo Act I MP10 but just barely. I've made it to through a good portion of the first few quests on my own... not all the way to the Skeleton King but as long as I keep my head down, move slow and watch my health I can push through it. I did notice however, my health rubber bands up and down a lot by huge amounts (like from 100% to 20% then back up to 100%). Maybe it's just part of the build I've ended up with.

Is it worth looking into dual wielding instead of sticking with Skorn?

Thanks in advance! All the previous suggestions have been great!
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for the love of god log onto d3rawr before upgradding.
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purchase a soj then partner it w/ high dps ring w/ ehp to compensate the paper dps lost of soj.
next weak gear you have is your gloves. purchase high Str if budget permit go w/ asp,cd,cc or all res,cd,cc
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Need an update on this... I'm at 190k now and I want to bump up over 200k...

Suggestions please? and thank you in advance!
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Youre kinda screwing yourself on the way youre itemizing. Stacking vit(which youre still low on) and AR on all your jewelry is going to make upgrading there almost impossible.

You should start crafting vit shoulders, you can get another 150-200 vit there easily.

I think you should get a double str roll(220+) mempo, with vit if you can afford it, and lose the IK helmet. The mempo will have more AR than the IK bonus. The attack speed on the mempo will allow you to drop it off your left ring and make up the lost crit chance there.

After that you can get IK gloves and get back the 2 piece bonus. If you can get 175+str/CC/9as/AR gloves(I have no idea what something like this costs since I use IK belt and craft my gloves), you will make up any lost str from going vit shoulders, and the extra overall AR will allow you to drop it from your ammie and a ring while staying above 500 AR on gear.

If you do the above, lose the litany. If youre not going to go SOJ, get a crit damage unity. Alternatively you can get a rare with similar/better stats but you will lose the %elite bonus on unity.

Lose the 39 str on your innas, you need vit and 150+vit ones are relatively cheap.

If you get the mempo and replace your rare ring, go for:

High average damage(whatever you can afford, 30+ preferably)
CD(whatever you can afford, 30+ preferably)

I realize this is a loooot of stuff to do, but you have geared yourself into a corner my friend.
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