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Need Advice, Computer Issue (not D3 specific)

Hello, I'm writing this post to ask for some advice regarding a frequent computer issue I experience. From what I have gathered, it is not D3 specific, because it also occurs with another game (League of Legends.)

The Problem

My computer seems to freeze when I play D3. It will seemingly do this randomly, and will "lock up." All action will freeze on the screen, and the sound will loop, although I'm still able to move the mouse cursor. I cannot alt tab or get to the task manager, and it will stay like this from anywhere from 30-60 seconds after which the system will return to normal and I receive a message saying I've lost connection and get booted back to the character selection screen.

I've also noticed that the computer seems to make a sound right before this happens. It's sort of a beep, and it happens about 3 seconds before the lock occurs. It's hard to describe, but my best example would be the sound you hear just as the power cuts off after shutting a pc down... sort of a beep, but really quick and faint.

Looking through the Event Viewer, I have not found any entries that occur during the time the computer locks up. I have tried updating every device driver in my system, and that has not helped. The issue only seems to occur while playing games, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what is causing it.

What would cause a PC to temporarily lock up, but leave no evidence in the form of error messages? I have been personally leaning towards it being a power supply issue, due to the sound that is heard and the fact that it only occurs when gaming (when the system is drawing the most power, presumably.) However I'd hate to purchase a new power supply only to find the problem persists.

Thank you for your time, and any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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I would also like to point out that the problem is not overheating... I have monitored the system's temperatures while playing and they all stay at respectable levels. The SMART data on the hard drive also reports that it is in good health, and I have ran memory tests in the past and no issues were found.
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