Diablo® III

How much latency have you experienced lately?

i have been playing for a week now again after diablo 3 was launched.

now it seems to be unplayable getting latency as much as 2000 msec

before there were bad drops and it was hard to play and now, drops are getting better plus the fun of crafting.

its it just me?

btw, i tried transferring gold to my friend and it did not go through and my gold got lost in the process.
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it has improved significantly since launch day
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but the lag is really bad. it's all green when i enter and turns red after a while.
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I've noticed that it has been a bit choppy today also.
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I've noticed it is very choppy when there's a lot going on on-screen. My ping is fine, but playing in pub is almost not worth it. Been going on since 1.07.
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typically i have ping of 74-90ms. no change lately.

check your network activity. downloading or uploading near your max bandwidth will raise your ping a lot.
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A serious lag spike was started few days ago. I'm guessing Blizzard is cutting D3 bandwidth for HOTS.
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The last few nights me and a friend have been having major lag spikes during Uber runs which can get pretty annoying... not sure what the deal is, normally it is fine though.
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that's the point. can't play in public. too much lag kills me and it's not valentines day.

i'm not sure if it's from the new patch since i stopped until the pvp.
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Hi Mike, I've been having these problems also before. And then I figured out from my IT friend that Blizzard uses it's customers to "seed" the game to other players downloading the game/patch. This became really troublesome when HOTS released...

In short, when we run the game, we are uploading the file for other players to download.

The reason behind this is so that it releases a bulk load for Blizz servers....

1. Open the game and then alt+tab.
2. Open your task manager and go to the "Process" tab
3. Select "agent.exe"
4. End process

I did this and it helped me get my green latency back. What this does is it stops the uploading from your computer, removing you as a seeder. Therefore, your internet will have more bandwidth allocated to your game instead of seeding files to other players....
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thanks for the heads up. i'm using my macbook pro late 2011 to play diablo.

i tried quiting the same "agent.exe" in the activity monitor. still getting the same results. i tried playing in the lowest resolution, still the same. my internet is not that bad. in solo games, when i enter the portal, it is green. then slowly becomes erratic.

i guess there are few people using their macbooks to play the game.
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