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My first set drop was a high Dex high Vit Inna's Temperance, in Act III siege breaker p1.05; it dropped out of a bone pile. I sold with-in a few hours for 80mil. I have found a lot more set items since then but that single item is still my best most valuable "in-game" find. Still waiting for that 1bil+ find.
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Right around the patch that added paragon levels I think I found my first set item. IK boots that sold for 40m ish? I was very happy to see that, before then I'd never sold an item for more than a few million. Seen lots since then =)
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Nat boots with vitality.
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Nat's Mark dropped with just minutes before patch 1.04 took it out of the game forever. It was somewhere in the Cathedral (A1) and I died from the molten explosion and saw it drop at the same time. Gotta be one of the best moments for me in D3 to date.
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First set item was a piece of garb i cannot remember because it was pre-legendary buff and I didn't care for them much back then, now I just can't wait to roll high stat leorics signet or horadric hamburger.
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took me 400+ hours and i found a crappy 400dps set crossbow..... in act one on my way to the cursed hold.
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Horrible Nats boots that I got after, playing a boat load of hours. I think I was paragon 28 when they dropped. 2-300hrs.

Sold them for 250k
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My first set piece drop was a decent (but not godly) Blackthorne's Duncraig Cross. It was off of a Hell Bringer near the north tip of the Fields of Slaughter. Memorable simply because it took well over 6 months of playing to get a single set item drop for me

Had one or two more drops after patch 1.06 and I've had several set pieces drop since 1.07, among them were a Zuni's Vision that was actually a nice upgrade to the one I had on my WD at the time and the Nat's helm on my DH just dropped for me the other day from the act 3 keywarden
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190+str IK helm with 200 life regen.
This was right after 1.04 which buffed legendary items quality but not their droprates.

I was on a dopamine high for the next 2 days heh. The perfect helm for the 3000 regen Barb I was playing back then :).
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First set drop was on my DH in patch 1.0.2. Just hit 60 and was in the Forsaken Cemetery. Killed a champion pack there and got Zunimassa boots. I remember they had around 90 something strength on them. I didn't know what I had, so I sold them for super cheap because I thought they were useless. Oh how my barb wishes I still had them.
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Pre 104, none

First one is Inna's radiance at the night 104 came out, which is selling for 100k now but sold for $100 at that time.
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IK gloves for me. They aren't bad, though they didn't roll VIT.
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First Legendary: Lut Socks
Date: May 24, 2012
Area Found: Act 2 Normal
Dropped From: white pack of creatures (swarms I believe)

Great find for my second barbarian who had just got to level 18.

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A few weeks ago I found a Natalya's Slayer on Act 3 Inferno. That's the first and only set item I've gotten so far.
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I never found a set item until 4 weeks ago, zunimassa's trail with 56 all res, 172 int, 132 which ended up selling for 345 mill. Fresh lvl 60 DH P-0 on breached keep mp3. Hate to say it but all the money I have ever made in this game is coming from my new DH than my P62 barb...logic?
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Nats Bloody Footprints, first item I sold for over a million (some dude bought it for 65 mil) and it was secretly hidden in a dead guard's corpse, now I flip them every time I spot one!
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I'd love to join in.

One problem.

After hundreds of hours played, still zero set drops.

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A treasure goblin that was hanging out in VotA on the first day of patch 1.0.4. dropped a STR Litany of the Undaunted. I almost had a heart attack. It is still equipped on my barb. Then, one week later, the exact same thing happened and I got another Litany of the Undaunted from a treasure goblin in VotA. It was dex so I didn't really need it at the time, and so I basically traded it for Wailing Host on AH because I wanted to complete the set. The skeletons are cool (although basically useless) and slightly reminded me of the old days running around with a necromancer on D2.

P.S. Hey Blizzard, buff them skeletons! Also, set drops should have a green light beam, not brown.
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Natalya's Xbow (Legacy)

It was the first legendary I'd ever found and sold for 1M which felt like a lot at the time.
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legacy bul-kathos weapon
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