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Dell XPS completely shuts down after starting

I have a Dell XPS with the following specs:

*Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit
*Intel Core2 Duo CPU T9300 @ 2.50 GHz
*RAM 4.00 GB
*NVIDA GeForce 8600M GT (with latest drivers)
*89 GB free HD storage

My machine has never shut down but after installing Diablo 3, I get past the login screen and most of the time my machine simply crashes after I sign in. A few times I has let me get into my actual game but most of the time it crashes and I have to restart my machine.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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This is a question for Technical Support.

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Can you clarify your description? Completely shutting down is not the same as crashing and needing to restart. One indicates a possible overheating problem and the other could be anything.

Is there an error message of any kind?
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No error messages at all. Most of the time, after I log in to the game, my computer shuts completely off. I can have the machine off for a few hours, turn it on and start D3 with this happening consistently so if this is an overheating problem it happens with my machine only being on long enough to start D3.

But again, the entire machine simply shuts off (like an overheat situation) with no error messages at all.
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Gpus and Cpus can overheat very quickly if their cooling mechanism isn't working properly as in the case of a loose heatsink or malfunctioning fan.

Being as you have a laptop, there's not too much you can do mechanically to ensure proper cooling is there but you can take steps to help possibly.

Unplug it from the AC adapter, remove the battery, and open all the compartment doors you can to expose as much of the inside as you can. Then using a can of compressed air, carefully try to get all the accumulated dust out of it. Blow into the exhaust and intake vents as well. Be careful not to hold the canned air upside down as it will spray in liquid form if you do.

It's also a possibility that your AC adapter is too weak or not the right model for your laptop. I've seen many cases where the user simply replaced the adapter and their computer stopped shutting off.
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I just dropped in to suggest the power issue as well. We have seen this resolved sometimes by ensuring the laptop if plugged in and by checking the Power Management settings to ensure everything is running at full power. Also Omrakos is right that the AC adapter can cause major issues. I had a PC bluescreen due to a failed power adapter. I had no clue the cord thingy could go bad! It is worth checking out.
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It SEEMS like that may have been the solution. I followed your advice and made sure the vents were clean and removed the battery pack since it is plugged in. I also purchased a laptop cooling pad to sit my laptop on and so far, so good. I've been able to play a few session. Two for about 45 min and I just finished a 1 hour session with no issues what so ever!

So for me anyway, it seems as it if was an overheating issue and I just have to keep the laptop well ventilated.
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