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Depiction of angels

What do you guys think about the way the angels are depicted in Diabloverse - wings of light, covered in armor, faceless?
Compared to Diablo 1, where angels are depicted with feathered wings and human faces, would you rather have that as canon?

Personally, I think wings of light are creative and cool-looking. And as for the facelessness... It is a cool notion that perhaps an angel's face cannot be percieved by mortal eyes when they appear on the mortal plane, thereby the black hole in their hood. And obviously the gamemakers didn't want to stamp a specific ethnicity on their angels ("why do the angels look caucasian?") so they made them faceless.
However, seeing D3 cinematics, you could wonder why they're still faceless when in Heaven. And if they consist of light whitin their armor (bleeding light Imperius), why do their heads not consist of light?

A reviewer on the web thought that since Tyrael (in D2) was a maverick angel, and appeared in the mortal realm, his appearance could have been unique for him specifically. I liked that notion.
However I do think Imperius looked cool with his helmet and floating halo :)
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They look alien. I'd prefer the feathery wings and human skin and faces. Interestingly enough, many of the demons also look like aliens, and I wasn't crazy about that either. They're not Protoss and Zerg. It was a great game, but I might have designed angels and demons differently. It works for the Diablo universe though.
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I thought the faceless angels with tentacles of light for wings were an amazing insight, way better than the classic angel with pretty faces and white feathered wings.

the wings make them look more badass, simple like that. it also makes sense, I remember having read somewhere that the angels of diablo's universe are "beings of pure light and sound" or something like that, and that the armor suit that they all dress only serves to give them shape.

the (abscent) face insinuates that they are somehow less diferentiated from each other, that they are part of heaven more than they are individual beings, part of an order that is more important than each of them alone. it opposes pretty well to demons; demons are all one "specie", but still they are chaoticly varied, and seem as likely to destroy each other as they are to destroy everything else.
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Good points Mith. The angels and demons of this storyline don't need to be carbon copies of other stories.
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They look like protoss and zerg hybrids... Sorry but blizzard is merging all three of its worlds due to a lack of vision. Even the demons in this game were not scary and used wow mechanics.
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I'm sorry, I fail to see the similarity between angels and protoss-zerg hybrids, you really forced your imagination to come up with that.

I also feel obligued to point out that this depiction of angels comes from D2, it's older than the protoss-zerg hybrid, so at worst they failed to starcraft's universe in providing new stuff, not to diablo's.

but I agree the demons in D3 are not scary enough (this is for other topics though).
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A demon doesnt have to be "scary" physically to be able to rip an average person from limb to limb. Usually what makes demons seem scary are the local legends the village/town people have about said undead/demons that haunt the area they live in.

Most end up being a big disappointed in the scary department when you fight them. Some like the butcher though, are truely horrific creatures. (I still want to know what those big THINGS that were being flayed/tortured were when you fought the one chick before Azomodan)
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pay attention to the enchantress dialogues when you pass by that area, she explains.

they are slaves of azmodan, he uses their skins to build stuff.
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I'll have to use the enchantress on my third play through than xD
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I absolutely love everything about the Diablo Angels. They're my favorite.
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