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"Unfairness" not an excuse to bypass Dueling

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Blizzard. You have got to be kidding with this stuff.

You are making it very unclear if you plant to implement a serious PvP system with rankings and points and rewards.

Fairness is not what breaks dueling. When a battle is unfair, you simple opt-out.
Diablo 2 dueling was not fair, ever, but it was the sole reason I kept coming back.
With the variability in every class, and the different dynamics of every skill, you are never, ever going to make a PvP system that is "fair" for all classes. That should not be your goal.

When the PvP is well established, players will know that no one wants to fight someone with perma-freeze equipment.

Just have the PvP dialogue [accept/decline] show what you're up against - you see what equipment is being used, and you can decide - is this going to be fair?

Then you fight.
You lose, you either learn and don't fight again, you learn and you try a new technique, or you don't learn and let people beat the crap out of you.

Its really not a hard concept. Just let us play!
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Well said
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seconded +1
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What you guys don't realize is that blizzard employees count their time in terms of how many blowjobs they get in the VIP section of a hotel, they don't care about you, as a person but of the gaming comunity as a whole.

Having me or Jotch %!@#*!@* east is bad for buisness...because the people getting raped they turn away from the company and seek a product where they stand a chance. If you are a good pvper, you are a threat to their profit, means, the dude, instead of getting 5 blowjobs a day he only gets 3 and this hurts him, he goes into withdrawal. So he hurts YOU. The bm dueler.
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The dopamine you get in your reward region when you play this game is nothing compared to what you can get...the maximum value. Believe me there are things 1000x better than diablo, and I say this as a D fan. The people you finance to obtain this Diablo product want money, in order to buy whatever you've missed or neglected while playing their games. Blinding you from the truth.
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Keeping everyone happy means, every person, for every kill he gets, he must die once. Then everyone is even. But are they happy? With a 1 KD ratio? a 50% rate of success?

I'm telling you, the only way for a player to be happy is to trash a kid 200-1 and then dispute the 1 kill the poor kid got on the forums. Create an argument...like, you know, that 1 kill that he got never happened. Ss or didn't happen.

That's happy. But mathematically, happy is a luxury...for 1 person to be happy, 99 others must be miserable, or else, if they were equal, they would all be miserable, but at least they would find consolation in the fact that they're all the same. That's what blizzard tries to achieve. A communist inspired ideal where all players are miserably happy.
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I rather have a Hostile button so there is NO deciding. You have to react and the game becomes interesting like D2 was. Don't want to die get in town. This is how it should be. A game is about killing the other player and its a lot more fun when the other player isn't willing to fight and you take them by surprise on a elite and crush them. This would make gaming to fun though so I can dream right.
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