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ShockNadoShards(SNS), liquef instead of ww

yo, check my eu profile.it's working pretty nice ;) i had to drop armor, ar and dps for now to make it work

although u need those 30 apoc, -14 meteor cost and fck alot of cc

I will update this post with vid and few more words tommorow. I'am noob at fraps, 4min vid and 3gb size? Oo now i don't have much time but tommorow i woll google some way to make it smaller.

mp10 keep3 vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiYR40w09Jk

lol it looks like shiiit

edit: stats while recording (buffed):
att speed :1,72
cc: 68%
cd: 305%
armor: 4087
ar: +900
dps: 147k
ls: 2,7
loh: 500
hp: 47k
and yep i run with 12% run speed :((((

mp10 vid (changed to prism and added 9ias so now attack speed is 1,85, less cd and ar too)


edit, new video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whqM073fGkw
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Wow...that is ALOT of -meteor gear you have.

No Diamond Skin/Prism?
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No prism :)

It's pretty hard to get this gear on eu. It's not about the price but about amount of it on ah.

Next step will be helmet with some critic chance to explosive blast (with 10apoc 6cc etc).
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If you don't mind me asking how much was your wand? In the market for one like it...
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On Eu or Us?

I paid about 80kk for it, not sure. But getting ls, 9-10 apoc, cd and socket wand is hard on eu, small amount on ah. And i have about 67% cc so mine gives me more dps than same wand with 1100dps but without cd.

I have 9apoc one but with little better cd and dps on Eu if u are interested.
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I'm talking US...with apoc, ls, cd, os. They are all really expensive on US too and very limited availability just like EU. I have a liquefy build in the works that is pretty nice, doesn't need -meteor cost, and can survive up to about mp7 without life steal. But the life steal is gonna be necessary for MP8+ for sure, which is why I was asking. Thanks for the info and cool build!
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@Oxan: I'm very interested in seeing your video and hearing more about your experiences! :)

I'm concerned though that you're attack speed is so low at 1.721aps. Even if you had good AP returns, it'd seem that you'd have trouble with freezing just from not having enough actions. The issue being that while procs may be fixed for Meteor, we still need to stack as many Meteors on targets to maintain a true permafreeze. I've been playing around with a similar build for months now (since late November) that is based on using Prism, instead of Shards: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#PQYXhT!gbW!cZYZcc . I normally run with between 2.3-2.8aps, 55-63%cc, and 9-12 Meteor Reduction on gear. I can do down to 2 targets excellently, but do have AP and proc troubles with singles. And even with the APoC bug, I could get a very stable spam on single target due to great AP returns, but I did still feel short on procs (ie couldn't maintain a perfect freeze on a single).

How do you feel? I'm curious cuz you have more CC than I'm able to run, so it might be a better. However, it still seems like you might be running a deficit. Mathematically, 2.5aps just smokes 1.721aps in terms of the predicted procs, even if we scale up your CC. And please don't take it the wrong way, but it seems like you're more a Raining Meteor build with Frost Nova, than a SNS build with Liquefy. And this isn't to criticize your build at all. I'm VERY interested in seeing what you've done! :D But I have concern that you're not quite getting enough procs with low attack speed. Using Liquefy in place of WW has been my "holy grail," but no matter what it still feels elusive. It's just very hard to even remotely compete with SNS that has six times better tick rate via Energy Twister (6 ticks per second) compared to Meteor's crappy tick rate (1 tick per second, plus one extra from the initial Meteor impact).

So if you're able to make a functional SNS build with Liquefy at low attack speed, I for one am very excited!
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Bump. This is now my favourite thread :>

I only have -4 met red on my force, but I use diamond prism and storm armor (Power of the Storm). I love meteors.

I really wanna see this video too.
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I will post vid in +-12h.

I'am not gonna lie - single target elite mp10 isnt working that great, same goes to freezing. I'am still tweaking and testing. Just wait for vid ;)

edit: Keep in mind I still have electrify slot.
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equally excited to see how you do
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Hey if you're still wondering how to convert the video, use VirtualDub. Pretty easy and there are a lot of explanations how to do it on youtube.

If you want to convert it to like divx you need the codec though. :)



Have fun and I am looking forward to your vid.
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Just use bandicam to record and windows live movie maker to edit. Both are really easy to use.
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i have a problem - while i start recording my fps is going mad, is it normal? even changed vid settings to low etc.

btw still using fraps - maybe there is something better? but it could be my 3year old lap....


msi fckers said it's "gaming lap" and last release of ati vid drivers were in.... 2010-06-29 :/

edit: nvm, uploading, link will be in the first post
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This build isn't my real one, normally i run something like this


so i need low att speed. If i add more i will run out of ap on single target.

last two months iam: testing, changing, swamping skills and items everyday. Everything around Meteor.

About this topic build: permafreeze most likely will be imposible on a mp10 single elite. I still lack 1%cc on nat's ring plus i plan to add critic chance to explosive blast on my helmet (it will be hard to find one) and than i plan to add more attack speed and see how it will work. Familiar Arcanot and MW Conduit instead of Electrify will be tested too.

Dont take me wrong, i'am not saying it will be great and u should use it. My advice is - don't do it. It's a hard way. Items should have maxed apoc, cc and -meteor cost. Finding those with other good stats (int, vit, ar, armor, cd etc.) is pain in !@# and most likely won't pay of.
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that is pretty good freezelock for a meteor build, I am impressed. Looks cool.
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will update it with prism and more att speed version that is much better, not sns thoo :)
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@Oxan: First off. Thanks for the video and the thread! I really think it'd be fun to get more conversation on this topic of sustaining Meteor.

And please don't take any of my comments as criticism of your build at all. I'm friends with quite a few Raining Meteor wizzies (such as Emperor, Harrowing, diablowjob, and gcanum), so I'm very familiar with infinite meteor. That's been around for awhile. The basic gist being a combination of low attack speed (so you can take advantage of our passive AP regeneration), high crit chance, high APoC, and meteor reduction gear. The more crit chance you have the less you have to be reliant on meteor reduction and can increase up your attack speed. The wrinkle has also been for me high attack speed (2.3+aps) and trying to make it sustainable on one-target. At least for me that's unfortunately still elusive, but I think we kinda need something like that to make single-target permafreeze truely possible unless your CC is absurdly higher. For singles, I largely have to either buck up and accept the weaker spam on singles, or resort to spamming 1-3 WW every 6s to maintain the Meteor spam and permafreeze.

I notice in your video that you were running out of AP on the rare elite pack leader (1 min, 40s in your video). I imagine with Prism and/or Power of the Storm, you'd probably have faired better. But then it's this nagging question in my mind, how much do sacrifice for sustaining our AP on single targets, especially as we largely end up utilizing sub-optimal skills and gear ? It seems like to me that it's ultimately not worth it and to just buck up on singles being bad. If so, the requirements for a good Meteor build are MUCH much lower. I'm able to run SNS with Liquefy with largely just 3 sources of APoC and 1-2 sources of Meteor reduction. The meteor spam and permafreeze can be sustained non-stop on all but single targets. And only then do you occassionally supplement it with WW.
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03/28/2013 10:07 AMPosted by Oxan
will update it with prism and more att speed version that is much better, not sns thoo :)
Yeah, I personally like the prism/high attack speed build a lot better. I don't know if you tried it back with the 1.0.7 APoC bug, but the build was just amazing. :)
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Havent touched meteor since they fixed apoc, but I just tried this for a few min on mp8, seems pretty good, slower windup but still packs a punch. will try it with -5 source later today.
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Criticism is welcome, srsly :)

I've been researching meteors for about 2 months now. All the runes, but with low att speed. My goal was to make build with liquef or moltens as primary and only dd skill. After playing archon for a long time i made decision to swich for something else, unpopular, to try something new. NO cm/ww etc. At the beginning there was no frost nova bcoz i actually didnt want to freeze at all. But durning researchs of defensive skill i found it's the best one.

So i made liquef/moltens build that can spam on single target but can't permafreeze mp10 elites. Bcoz it wasn't my intention, it was meteor build - freeze was just an addition. DD that can attack from distance (u run in a small group of trashmobs, spamfreeze them to get 15%cc bonus and artillery attack other group of mobs) but still can jump in the middle of party and freeze/attack monsters.

Man, playing public games and explaining ppl you are not cm/ww all the time :)

anyway - second vid in the first post in a minute

and as always - sorry for my english :(
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