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Ultimate Skorn vs DW Challenge Gentlemen?

I'm going to give Mr/Ms Noob 1B gold and, purely from our three threads, see if he can accumulate the gear and skillset to complete the Ubers. There is to be no direct contact between the player and members of the Teams. How does that sound?

Horry sheet...

This is quite the endeavor.

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Better pick a trustworthy noob or you are going to get straight up robbed....
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04/02/2013 02:58 PMPosted by Wayneold
Better pick a trustworthy noob or you are going to get straight up robbed....

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The bigger problem is not only that. No matter how much a noob reads, typically the gearing decisions are made on impulse and emulating terrible builds of other people.

When you give a hobo a million dollars, there is a reason they end up broke in 2 weeks. I think ultimately this will just waste a billion gold as the noob will not only know how to shop, but will probably get retarded deals in the process.

I'm not saying all noobs are dumb...not at all...but the inexperience combined with that "new-money" feeling will not fair well from a purchasing standpoint.

I can see them buying a bunch of gear, and then realizing oh crap...I am going to have to go into battle without shoes because it was the last thing I bought...
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So we're talking about a complete noob and not just someone new to the class? This could be interesting, though I really hope that player knows how to work the AH well.
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Perhaps not a complete Noob, but someone who is relatively new and has been struggling. I know there are risks, but it would be interesting to see if our endeavour is actually as educational (as well as being fun) as I had hoped. Someone like IAmOmegaRed, who has posted here before and has a post saying how he is struggling with mp4 key runs. I see he has 12K elite kills. I think he would be the perfect candidate. See what information he can pick up through our threads and see if he can apply that and improve his game subsequently. Thanks for your input guys.
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I would urge you not to go in the route of complete noob or someone who is struggling unless they have time to dedicate to a mentorship from perhaps one of you. Even then I would be wary of such when you are considering 1B gold.

Sorry I have tried to stay away from this post entirely but I would certainly hate to see someone get burned bad and in addition someone getting a very bad name indefinitely.
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If you're going to give a gift like that, then I would also think it shouldn't go to a complete noob. It should go to someone who already has a solid direction and some goals that they want to achieve. 1B will mean much more to someone experienced but strapped for gold than someone new, and they'll make much better use of it.

Regarding streaming, I think it should not be mandatory. It might make things more entertaining, but lag is a big issue when it comes to this type of thing. Overall, a polished video would be more entertaining to watch than a messy stream.
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Thank you gentlemen, I will take these thoughts into consideration.

@ ThePlow

Why stay away, please join us, the more the merrier :).

@ Silverfire

No, as I said I'll leave it up to each individual. So totally your choice. Acrimony has indicated that he would like to and Wayneold won't be able to. Either way it's fine.
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I am packing out shortly and will have to quit for an unknown amount of time (probably 2 years). Transferring to a location I am certain I will be unable to continue to play. So I do not have a known amount of time I can dedicate to such a venture.
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@morph sorry boss just left at work and things are just balancing out. I think if i were to be considered to be put on a chalange like this I would want it to be the active teams and your decision ultimately of course because i will be applying the lessons taught by all of you, and so as soon as I get home I will post some of my back story and let you all get a picture of who I am before you decide. Things like what my frustrations were with the keywardens (for those who might not have known), my uber experiences, what brought me to the Barb comunity in the first place, and mostly why this comp is so great for players like me and why we appreciate it so much. i feel even if i'm not on a team or whatnot I can still be of use by voicing some of the thoughts and questions I have. I am Arizona standard time (or whatever they call it here) so at time of this post here it is 5:20 PM. Will be back to post all of my story @ 7:30 if you're still interested.
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@ IAmOmegaRed

Hi buddy, thanks for dropping in. If we go ahead with this part of things, you would be flying solo :).

What I am interested in seeing is, if there was someone who was new or a little bit stuck, whether reading through our three threads, they would actually learn anything and be able to apply the information that was in there. So, trying to prove if all of this is actually useful or not from an educational point of view. This is the whole point of this excercise for me.

Thus you would have no direct interaction with the Team members at all and need to derive your information from the discussions in the threads. And I agree, which ever way this new twist goes, having your commentary from a community perspective would be great. And yes, I'd love to hear about you and your experiences so far, that would be fantastic :)

Thanks for considering it mate. What I propose will be very time consuming for you though mate, would you be up for it?

@ ThePlow

That is a shame Sir, it will be sad to see you go. I hope you enjoy this challenge before you leave though.
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Only just found this thread (also DW and Skorn Threads) and read all that was in them.

Morph, great challenge mate, I will be keeping an eye on these to see how it goes.

Good luck to all those involved.

BTW, Have to support team Skorn!
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@ MrEyegasm

Onya mate :)
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Okay just wrote a very lengthy message that didn’t post so I will summarize. I have been playing since Diablo 1. I have played D3 since launch. I started as a WD where I finished the whole game before inferno got nerfed. Then I dabbled with a Wiz and DH and got them trough. I had never played a “tank” class in any game so I decided hey let’s try the barbarian. To my delight this was a very diverse class and nothing that I expected it to be, and I’ve been playing it exclusively since.

My first trip to the barb forums was a delight. It didn’t have any of the arrogance that many other class forums have. People here are always helpful, even when I am asking dumb questions for the 500th time. I started with a reference to Uberjaggers budget barb thread, and have since gathered info from many of the greats including Wayneold, Nived, and so many others. Bugs has been a great help as well. Their help has transformed me from a 50k Frenzy/Rend (awkward right, I think so now too) to a 140/124k HOTA and DW/WW build character. I can play both builds fairly effectively.

My first posts here were due to Uber and key finding trouble. I was carrying a friend while ubering and having a lot of trouble. Thanks to some help from Wayneold and Bugs I can now do mp 6 ubers fairly comfortable. Also I have decided to do key runs at mp 8, even though this is dangerous and takes some time. My main problem though is that without some insight on how to correctly make gear/skill/playstyle decisions I feel like I’m stuck. I’m not a player with a huge budget, so a chance to see not only gear choices (max gear is self explanatory really) but why these choices are made is most important.

To see why this piece lets you sacrifice this piece if you can alter your play style by bumping this skill first. For instance I see that Wayne is allowed to run no direct furry generator (such as bash) by having only superstition to start his fury. He achieves this by having lifesteal on his belt and having crit dmg on his weapons. I know this is just his warm up gear and that Nived runs a similar type of set up, but this has been a great insight. These are the kind of things I need to see at the MP 10 level. To be able to see (I’m sorry for putting the pressure on) but the GREATS gear at a higher level and discuss every aspect of why, and how it affects skills and breakpoints and other gear; well I don’t need to convince anyone how much this means to mid level players. And team scorns spreadsheet is amazing. This is the kind of thing that could help mid level/low budget players like me to see what is best end game stuff for them. Not to mention how they upkeep wotb at a high level for a budget I’m waiting with baited breath for! I run 2 1h for my ww build and a skorn for my hota build. Which is most efficient goes a long way to where i will be for the future of this game.

Now I have plenty of time and will to poor into this. I stay up on what’s going on in the forums (IDK why DH have to come in here trolling for barb nerfs), and think this would be an unbelievable opportunity to apply some great knowledge passed down. As I see it now my character is stuck, so will be good to see what others better than me would do and apply it myself. If I left anything off let me know
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Give back to community is awesome.

@Morpheus, if the team members cannot assist the new player to gear, how about everyone appoints a mentor who is not part of the teams? Basically, a mentor is someone who understands a bit of gearing and can possibly emulate team skorn or team ww gearing choices for the new guy.
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Hey Anwin

I hope so mate :). Actually, the whole point of this all is that, even at some later stage, someone who's new or struggling a bit can read through all of this and learn from it enough to improve their gearing choices and gameplay. In this way, I'm interested to see how much someone can learn from just the actual threads as opposed to being mentored. So no mentoring either :).
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Lol. In that case, the new guy should be able to ask a lot of questions in the forum before he does the purchases. That should be helpful. I shudder to think 1b going waste...hehehe.
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Btw @DemonKnight wants to have a go at gearing with 1b after the contest - as a noob. Anyway, since he is traveling he said he will put up a lengthy post on why he should be the one getting it later tonight.
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I am not a gamer in the true sense of the world. The only game i actually played was the Diablo series. Somehow the original story and the world that evolved around it was so fascinating for someone like me and i got sucked right into it.

Still remember in my college days i used to get called to my senior's rooms to help them kill the butcher! Ha! Glory days. I did my good by spreading the amazing world of Diablo in my college right from D1 to D2 as i chanced upon D1 only in 1999 or so.

D1 was a blast with the warrior and rogue. Never could get the sorcerer right. Remember doing endless runs sorry walks to get the messerschimdt reaver [did i spell that right?!].

D2 followed and what a follow up it was. Played the barb and only the barb. The potential and options were so good. Later on i did dabble with the druid but soon lost interest and found myself going back to the barb.

All those days were when i had something very crucial in abundance...time. Now i'm just a family man with a daughter tearing up the house [:D] and time is obviously scarce for me to build up a proper character. To put things in perspective i started D3 way back before ole Anwin even got the game. And look where he is at now :D

So yes i did try and play loyally with the Dual wielding Frenzy/Rend combo for long till Anwin convinced me to get to the dark side of things with a Skorn! He was a S&B barb before he found the skorn he has now. Lucky bum :D

So with limited time and resources, i found myself playing upto mp5 max. mp3 was the comfort zone whereas Anwin was gong up to mp7 mp8 back then. I could not play on his mp level and i did not want him to come down to lower mp levels just for my sake.

So he put up the idea of building a stun/freeze barb to play ubers [we had not even made an infernal machine then]. Not very expensive. Just a tanky barb more focused on crowd control.

And voila i was able to play whatever mp levels i wanted with him and helped him down SB on enrage with one member down. But now i guess he's jumped leaps and bounds :D

So yes coming back to the matter of discussion, yes 1 billion is a lot of money these days and i could hardly even dream of getting that sort of moolah any time. I would love to get a chance to gear up to play mp10 co-op with friends like him effectively instead of just stunning and freezing and not bringing any dps to the table. What build would i go for? DW of course :D The imagery of a barb with two axes or swords or maces is just perfect. Ultimately that's what matters i guess....to play the game like we want and not how the game wants us to play...


ps: sorry for the wall of text.
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