I like how I have been able to use the RMAH since the day this game launched under the same phone service that I currently still have and now suddenly because my number has been changed I can no longer use it. My phone service is straightalk that is linked to my credit card so it is constantly in service every single month, my past number was also under the same exact phone same service and I used the RMAH then as well. I can not register my new number under the same service, same phone because now it gets flagged as a pre-paid, yes it it pre-paid but I have unlimited access to text and talk every single month. Now here is the funny part, my Wife's phone is under the same service, straighttalk, and I could link her phone an it will accept that number but not mine. Do not come back with the reply that I should just use her phone number because that defeats the purpose entirely as to why I am trying to get my phone to work with the SMS service. I believe after all I have endured with this game since launch, including the sub-par itemization, system glitches and various other issues that this game has and has had that this is the deal breaker for me finally. Blizzard has already dropped the ball on this game way too many times now, support for this game has been less than satisfactory since the day they launched it. With the exception of being on top of the issues that effects the pockets and cash flow of Blizzard Entertainment themselves, support is all but there in a timely manner. To exclude members of the community from being able to use the RMAH based on what type of phone service they use is discrimination. You can put whatever mask you like on that issue you want, most of society does it anyhow when issues like this come up, but no matter how you mask it, justify it, its still discrimination with no basis or real purpose behind denying someone the service simply because its pre-paid. Why did I buy an authenticator? Why do I have so much security in place on my account to begin with? That's still not enough to gain me the right to use the RMAH? My phone has to be on a particular service or plan that you approve of?