I noticed this while playing Diablo 3, it uses the same server as 4 battlegroups on WoW. I play from Bangkok so there is a 14 hour time difference atm with the west coast. In the morning I am able to play without issues (prime time US), yea ms is about 260ish but its still green and I don't feel any lag.

Around 2pm my time so midnight west coast, it all goes to hell, lag spikes and the game becomes unplayable, especially on hardcore.

So i thought, hey lets check out WoW! And so I log on to Magtheridon, no problems there, 260ms, no lag. That's when i found out that some realms are on the same server as Diablo 3, Draka for example... I log on there.. and yup, unplayable lag.

I don't know what blizzard is doing, it very much looks like reducing throughput in the off hours... Unfortunately there is no other realm to chose from for Diablo 3, and this is a huge kick in the balls to players connecting from SEA and the Pacific.

A response would be nice, though I'm sure I won't get it. I could also provide tracert logs that show all I have described above. Please stop throttling the server in off hours. I'm assuming this has something to do with SC2:Heart of the Swarm being out and the lower demand on D3 servers..

Posted the same thread on WoW forums too as those seem to receive more technical support...