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Well folks it seems this has begun in earnest and the show down looming so let's get the ball rolling. First let me officially introduce to you Team Skorn A.K.A. The Titans of Terror:





This post is to discuss the gear, strategies and builds to be used in the upcoming showdown. Also to keep the general public in the loop and let them see the inner workings of us as we assemble a gear set and devise a couple builds that will allow our chosen gear set to function across the required multiple builds needed.

I'm currently thinking that since we are required to use 2 builds that one be your standard fare HoTA/Rend build, and the other to use a WW/HoTA hybrid build.

Now this will require us to build in at least 12% move speed (24% if possible) and I'd like to try and land in the 17 TPS breakpoint so that WW will work decently with the gear as well.

Now obviously with a 1B budget this is not so easily accomplished with a Skorn so we will need to be smart about gearing and maximizing our potential. So I open this to other fellow barbs to discuss.

What say you gentlemen?
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There is one thing I've meant to ask you to try. I started using ground stomp instead of bash in the past when I was undergeared, but I ended up never letting it go. My kill times seem worse on average with bash. Part of that is me being a sloppy player, but the other is that ground stomp gets me very reliable positioning. I can always force kulle to stick around long enough for me to beat him hard, and often can force ghom and rak to stack. Give it a shot some time if you can. I've pulled below 3 minutes for siege/kulle, which I think is quite fast for my gear. I'm just throwing this out there this since it could be a viable "second build". In absolute terms bash should win but ground stomp removes a lot of the luck factor.

Probably the biggest gearing decision is between ls skorn+witching hour or ias+ik. Just putting that out there because I know Joch prefers the latter.

As far as hitting breakpoints goes, since we can swap gear, we could feasibly drop a slot or two of ias for the rend/hota runs, and add them for ww. We could do something like swap rares out for inna's for ww runs. I think going for 24% ms will most likely be suboptimal for hota kill times. Rare bracers would beat out Lacunis for raw dps in that price range, same for rare pants versus inna's. And getting ms on the ice climbers would just rob us of way too much str/vit. (Unless we did something weird like zunis)

PS awesome team name.
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Rooting for team Skorn!!!
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These titans of terror look like they hit like little wee girls.
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@ Team Skorn

A clarification of the term "Different Builds". I did actually clarify this on one of my many posts :). But here it is. For this excercise, "Different Builds" means that the Champion and Second must use 2 different active skills and 1 different passive. Third can use whatever he wishes.

Fury Globe. To be empty at the beginning of the challenge. This will help show the community how to generate fury in a build with no fury generator. Equally, the player needs to start the challenge with no active buffs and no follower is to be used.

Time starts as soon as the first portal is opened and stops when the last Uber falls. I hope this is all acceptable.

Good luck guys :)
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Imo... go cheap on the accessories.
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@ Lightofeast

Hey, you're carrying 2 sticks.....

Good to see you mate :)
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First time I cleared ZK/SB I didn't use HotA spec because I did not have ias/cc to keep WotB up the whole time. This is a good spec for controlling Kulle and keeping him locked down with 2H.


Recommend stacking +frenzy stuff. Skorn is too slow to stun with throwing hammer or SS+stun rune.

Dunno if you will have enough damage to be competitive in other fights. But there's something to be said for perma stun to keep the ubers in good places to maximize HotA splash...
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@ Silverfire the problem I have with Stomp is that it robs you for a free 24% damage buff from bash.

As for gear swapping yes we can sub in and out pieces but that also means we may to dilute both builds a little to do so. I would ideally prefer a gear set that successfully meld both together so we can maximize each piece of gear. But if we are able to get a respectable set out of it for both then even better.

Morpheus' rule of requiring a passive change will almost necessitate a LS Skorn. Simply because both barbs will not be able to use bloodthirst passive without sacrificing a lot of damage from either ruthless or weapon master. So that's going to make our life a little harder too. I think a WH + LS Skorn is what we need to set our sights on.

@ Jim glad you see you stopping by bud, and I like that idea but at the same time because we dont attack fast we need the burst damage of HoTA to be able to compete with the other team to bring the ubers down in a respectable time.
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or A.K.A The slow fat american crew
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@ Jim

Thanks for the input mate. I agree with Death though, the guys from Team DP (I feel funny saying it ;) are all capable of very fast kill times. Hota needs to the be mainstay of the Skorn build and is a skill where the Skorn really shines. Both Death and Joch have awesome vids showing how they maintain WotB throughout the fights. With enough ias, which I'm pretty sure the 1B budget will allow, they shouldn't have too much trouble doing this. Even I can do it and I suck :). Stunning the Ubers, while it may be effective, will not allow fast enough kill times to compete. With Hota, and especially Hota/Rend, the pure DPS of Team Skorn will not be able to be matched.

The other issue though is that, because Skorn Hota is not a very mobile build, the gearset needs to be resilient enough to absorb the spike damage in the Siege/Khulle and Magda/SK confrontations. This is not as major a consideration for TDP as they will aim to stay out of harms way as much as possible.

Where Team Skorn has this balance point between offense and defense will be interesting to see.
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sounds like fun
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You guys are adorable.
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04/01/2013 02:05 AMPosted by oldschool16v
or A.K.A The slow fat american crew

Junior your troll attempts are about as pathetic as the sory@ss videos you post of your garbage barb. Sit down shut up and let the big boys talk.
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Huh. Quiet in here. I guess the Skorn Barbarians ran out of ideas with such a one-dimensional build.
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I'm rooting for Team Skorn. Make us proud.
I'm not clear why you need a ww build? I guess I should have read the whole challenge topic.
I'm hoping to learn from this and maybe even contribute as this discussion unfolds.
Best of luck to you guys.
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Okay, you're right about diluting the gear sets. I don't know how viable running ww will be on this budget. I can't hold ww around kulle with my gear, but the rest is fine, and I'm on the 17 tick bp.

If you think it's fine, though, then we need 5 slots of ias. One of the rings is naturally going to be a soj. We could possibly skip mempo for ik and use rare trifecta gloves which are dirt cheap. I don't want to be thinking about it, but somehow tyrael's might be more than viable due to the damage bonuses....

Jim, your build is for the undergeared. With a 1b budget, permawrath won't be an issue. We'll probably need to be looking for around a 2.5 min clear of siege/kulle.
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Yeah Tyrales may be a good option for damage output. However what worries me is its inherent lack of EHP. We are going to need to beef up our defenses more than the dual wield team is going to. As for WW against kulle I think you are missing the other feature of the build, HoTA. That's why it's not going to to be mission critical to wholly rely on WW to keep up WoTB. The way I play a WW/HoTA hybrid anyway is to use WW for mobility and a source of steady HP income from the WW ticks. I'll be able to maintain WoTB on bash and HoTA by itself.

I thought about IK helms too and am open to it since they also give a nice 5-6% melee reduction and if used with IK gloves that can add up to 10-12% melee reduction on gear and that's quite a bit. However getting those pieces with all resist may prove tricky to land in our budget with other pieces.

As for the rest of the gear, I'm almost sure move speed Ice Climbers are not going to fit in our budget, so that pretty much means Inna's + Lacunis. Although if we did fit Tyraels chest into the mix that means we can go with far better rare pants for a ton of EHP and hopefully counter balance the Tyraels chest's lack there of.

I'd like to hear from other members of the team too. Joch, Anwin where you guys at?
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I have to admit...this whole competition is extremely compelling.

It's so interesting to see the thought processes unfold about gearing.

Good luck to you guys! Keep up the good work! Will be keeping tabs on this post...

Even though I am part of the "dual wield or die trying" club lol.
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I have to admit...this whole competition is extremely compelling.

It's so interesting to see the thought processes unfold about gearing.

Good luck to you guys! Keep up the good work! Will be keeping tabs on this post...

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