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Possibly coming back to DH & have questions

So I started playing diablo as a DH and really enjoyed it, I've been through every other class and still feel I had the most fun as a DH. I have a few questions before I decide to buy my DH gear again though.

1) What builds are the most effective these days? I've heard the grenades build is quite useful.
2) would I be better off buying a legacy nats set (would be a lower tier, ring would be the cheapest one I could find) or should I just use what I can from my monk and fill in the gaps where I need to with other pieces.
3) Assuming I sold everything I'd have about ~200M to work with, realistically what kind of dps would I be able to achieve and what MP would that budget be able to handle?
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I doubt my gear is worth much more than 200m (not sure as I have never spent more than 95m (calamity) and everything else was less than 20m) and can do mp6-7 efficiently solo and can handle all the way to mp10 with others with minimal deaths.

I have ~300k dps with archery and steady aim. I don't think you need to start over, and other than pvp, legacy nats is not worth it imho. I can pretty much permagloom just from bola - bitter pill and dont need nightstalker or preparation.
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I have both.

Fun factor = DH wins
Work factor = Monk wins

Fun means many different skills work great together. You actually have to be worried about not dying so moving around and actually playing the game will be a lot more fun. You do need more skills to play DH whether it's PVE or PVP.

Work means that your in-game DPS is not the same. Monks will blow the DH away when it comes down to farming. That includes low and high MP levels.

I use my DH for brawling and for MP10 keys. I use my TR monk for low to mid DE and regular farming. The only reason why I don't use my Monk for MP10 is because I didn't gear him to do it. He can do it but it's not optimal with no attack speed.
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BLK, you make an excellent point and really I could just keep a weapon/quiver/helm on my DH and just transfer the other pieces from my monk when I feel like it. By the way both your monk and your DH have awesome gear!
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The more disc you have the more fun you'll have. I've been rolling with almost 70 disc and I can perma vault and perma gloom as needed. A lot of DHs don't go with my build, but I'm kinda specialized for low MP farming.
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