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Next path of upgrades. (Expert Advise needed)

(Please ignore the one Rare ring on my finger, I usually wear a SOJ.)

I am trying to figure out what the next path of upgrades for my character should be. I see several Scenarios involved and would like the thoughts on some of the more "Godly" barbs.

Feel like I have hit a bring wall at this point and really need to plan out my next set of upgrades.

Scenario #1
  • Replace Lacunis with a pair of Crafted BOA Bracers with High Str/Vit/Allres Crit.
  • Get a pair of Ice Climbers w/Movement Speed(will likely lose some Vit and Str here.)
  • Will need to get Attack Speed somewhere else to make up for the loss on Lacunis to keep my Breakpoints for WW.
  • Scenario #2
  • Get an Echo Fury ~1300 DPS with just a High Str roll and socket and use as Mainhand
  • Ditch my mace for a 1100 DPS Sword with Life Steal, Str, Crit and Socket.
  • Scenario #3
  • Push for 2.8 ww break point with current setup by looking for more attack speed from a new ring, Crafted Gloves and Crafted Amulet. Not an easy task by any means.
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    Looking for some Advise
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    I am going to chime in for the sword scenario here, I love it ever since I made the switch. Going sword mainhand is not going to give you the highest tDPS possible if all you care is WW spec, as it really hard to find a sword that can out dps a mace given how tdps works in WW specs.

    You pretty have meet all the requirements going sword mainhand (high cc from gear)

    I am very happy my sword mainhand DW gear setup so far, it's very flexible, I go from one game farming in WW to next game uber carry by just changing 3 skill slots ( ww -> hota, sprint -> rend, berserker rage passive -> tough as nail), and because I use -5 wt ik belt, sometimes I will just do throw / slam build in public games, and use sprint march force to buff the whole party for movement speed. The flexibility is by far the best, I don't need to change any item in my set to fit my mood of the day, just change some skills around and good to go.

    Also, going to sword mainhand mainly provides more options to both gearing and skill choices, using sword mainhand will increase the benefit of avg dmg affixes, stacking strength, and so is IAS, and will decrease the benefit from CHD as you will have less crit chance.

    Just my short summary after using sword mainhand DW for a while, it's not the optimal setup for any build I would say, but it's the most flexible one I found
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    Preface this with saying that your gear is clearly better than mine. Onwards!

    Those scenarios are definitely the significant upgrades you could make that are super heavy on money and may change up gameplay a bit. But you have some other ones that you could hit first if you wanted smaller, lower hanging fruit upgrades.

    Your chest would be better off with more vit instead of the life%. I haven't run you through d3 rawr, but since your +life% is pretty high I estimate 10 vit is probably roughly equivalent to 1% life for you. You could grab an extra couple thousand hp here off of replacing your chest with one with ~200+ vit. Actually, why not just forget IK chest? You're not getting the 2 piece upgrade, so why not try to craft one with insane stats? Doubt you'd have to spend more than 5 mil to see an upgrade, 50 mil to see something truly godly, but I'm not experienced with crafting chests.

    You could easily craft a better pair of shoulders I would think. The AR roll on those is pretty low, and the only problem I see with your gearset (generally you're a monster) is that your HP and AR might be a tad low.

    If you want comments on the scenarios... Really, I think scenario 3 is your best bet. Well, if not the best, definitely the most entertaining. Look at Pri's profile to see what hitting that breakpoint looks like.

    Scenario 1... Your lacuni's are really quite good, so I don't like switching those out.

    Scenario 2 is a gamble in my mind. EF mainhand has its own set of issues - maybe you wouldn't care, but I know for some it's annoying. Though, this is gaining popularity now with the marquise rubies, so perhaps this is more valid, but less tested. The sword thing is a weird one too. I guess I see that more as a valid option when you have 35+ crit chance to begin with, but I haven't played with it much.

    Good luck!

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    Push for 2.8 ww break point with current setup by looking for more attack speed from a new ring, Crafted Gloves and Crafted Amulet. Not an easy task by any means.

    I can tell you 2.86 w/ SoJ is no easy task. The only reason I made the jump is because I told myself I would if I ever crafted a neck that could help sustain it. That is the only reason. If I never got a trifecta neck (still trying to craft better ones), I wouldn't have done it.

    I am glad I made that choice, but it is very easy to reach the 2.86 BP inefficiently. Hell even my set still has a bit of inefficiency due to non high crit rolls on certain gear. I'm working to fix that...but it's all part of the process.

    I totaly agree with Gill on the recommendation to upgrade the IK chest. Yours is pretty much a starter chest which you technically should have graduated from a while ago.

    If you do decide to go to the 2.86 BP, you need 59% IAS on gear combined with your current .24 EF.

    Good luck in your gearing! :)

    P.S. Craft shoulders of vitality...not strength! ;)
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    Thanks for the info fellas.

    My chest piece, I have been crafting like a mad man, and have yet to get a pair that can replace my IK. So I plan on replacing it, just haven't successfully done so yet. I hate to spend gold on something I am not planning on keeping at this point.

    Getting to the 2.86 BP basically means I will have to be lucky in Crafting Gloves and an Amulet and buy a stud Bil+ ring.

    It is probably the best course of action though I see after reading some of your responses.

    Ill worry about shoulders once I have hit the 2.86 BP

    Thanks again guys.
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    hitting the next breakpoint will give you the most tdps.
    you need 7 slots of IAS hit it.
    chest, helm, ring, bracer, pants, glove, belt is the most common way for barbs.

    not very easy cuz its so expensive. but you will do massive dmg.
    you can do more dmg with a EF MH and dagger. but i'm reluctant to go that route. i'd have to find a crazy nice EF with 10% fear to make me change my mind. i'm missing out on about .6mil tdps but i enjoy not having to chase down mobs.

    from looking at your gear, i can tell you right now that you should craft vit shoulders. you need more AR and all the health you can get. when you start going for 7 slots of IAS, there's no guarantee that you'll be able to find vit on those slots. having a lot of vit on shoulders opens up your options. i'm running in to a problem where i need AR off my WH belt. but i'm forced to keep it there cuz it'll drop too low. its rare to find a high str WH wtih a lot of AR. it's sand bagging me right now. your shoulders will sand bag you cuz of the low vit.
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    Thanks for the info MiSo.

    I was under the impression that EF fear triggers on Barbs Tornados regardless if its in the main hand or off hand?

    Until I roll up Trifecta Ammy + Gloves I won't bother looking for a ring with IAS. This is going to be a long road of upgrading in the end.

    The Vit shoulders is a good call.
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    EF will trigger in the OH when you whirlwind.

    when its in the MH, it procs from ww and from the tornados.
    much greater chance to proc fear vs. OH.
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