Diablo® III

This is for you SimonYangAU...terrible monk

why does this guy talk crap after multiplier people watch him lose... i hate poor sports man..it's people like this that keep PvP from gaining popularity...

anyway, make sure to give him a whoopin if u ever see him in the chapel!

here is some proof of how bad he is

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Yeah, a while ago in a pub game, a wizard just started to randomly talking !@#$ about me and about how he would ccompletely destory me in 1 on 1. It is odd cause I didn't say anything to him. Then in our first match he got 1-shotted. Rage quit right away. To this day I still wonder what is the matter with him.
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It's funny how that screenshot is surprisingly similar to:


I thought this was going to be another one of those threads lol.
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I was there. He lost but you were the only one talking crap actually. You were even vote kicked in that pub game because you were so annoying. I'm surprised you created this thread, had to log in to say something.
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If someone starts the trash talk...im not the kinda person that sits there and takes it in silence....unless im loosing of course haha

ArchPau I know he is ur friend...but i want to clarify that he challenged me...i rarely ever intend on keeping score and in this case was just trying to have fun till your buddy started typing out the wins/losses....i also think you missed out on quit a bit of whispers from ur buddy all talkin crap after he left the game...


...as for you ArchPau...you are smarter than your monk friend because when I challenged you, you were smart enough to leave the game before you got embarrassed....you got an open invitation kid
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Yea whatever, I killed you when you cheap shot me while watching monk take on barb didn't I?
I don't know the monk, its a pub game. The monk was't talking crap, he's just pissed that you had to make him wait every fight for your vessel cooldown. You're the only one talking crap (stalling?) and geez you were so annoying. Ask ALBERN or Shdwflre, they were there too.
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Why did you guys wait for him when you can actually kill him to reset his vessal cooldown.
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he didnt wait for me...i killed him with vessel down twice lol...

also @skywavex....i would normally just rejoin the game but it was a pub so i didn't wanna get my spot jacked....also i asked him to kill me to speed things up but i dont think he understands english to well i think he thought i was talking crap when i asked him to kill me lol
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making people wait for vessel cd... how lame has pvp become!?!
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