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Lazy Rich People are Ruining Games

People are enjoying this game in a way of which I do not approve.
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Thanks, It really an entertaining and funny video.

It's also a very subjective point of view. If we labeled "Lazy Rich People" as the one that ruining the games, It should be fair to say people that complaint most are the "Lazy Non-rich People".

This isn't a game of farmville, where the publisher produce the game stuff from thin air and sell it to the gamers. By creating AH/RMAH, Blizzard actually provide players a chance to get premium equip without spending money.

Instead, we often see post where Flipper are dumped together along Botter and Duper. Flipper don't use third party software, they use just Brain, Experience and Sense to find good deal and resell/use it.

Apparently gamers that use brain, experience and sense have unfair advantages over gamers that didn't use/have them in significant quantity. How is this a bad thing in games ?

AH is part of the feature of the game, if you refuse to to use it, you make yourself playing at a difficulty of your own making. Congratulation if this is your choice.

AH is part of the feature of the game, if you use it and use it badly, just browsing checking the top tier equip without looking for good deal that you can use, and then complaint in forum how it make the game unfair. Then you're part of the nerf crowd, people that is categorized as "lazy non-rich gamer" that keep yelling nerf this and that because it's too difficult.
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6 minutes 50 secounds in
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This video has everything to do with Diablo 3.
He even talks about Diablo 3.


How exactly them buying your gold ruining the game? LOL

By killing the essence of the game to make profit. The guy in the video accurately described it as monetizing the game. I don't give a damn about mobile/facebook p2w games, but Diablo had a tradition as a compelling loot hunting experience that's been lost to auction house microtransactions, turning it by design into a gold grinding treadmill, carefully tuned to provide as little rewards as possible to the player in order to encourage RMAH usage.

Let's see how they deliver those changes mentioned in the itemization developer's blog. We'll see if they really mean to fix this thing, or if it was just a feint to cool down the masses without actually doing anything (kinda like when they skyrocketed the drop rates without addressing item quality). I'd like to be optimistic about that, and i'd love it to be true, but with the rather poor management this game has had since launch, i won't hold my breath expecting a significant breakthrough. Only time will tell if it was real or not.
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03/31/2013 02:22 PMPosted by DeadRu

Hey lets leave the acid that helps supply energy to cells out of this!

03/31/2013 11:34 AMPosted by turnstiled
If 2 men or 2 women were in love and wanted to get married... how does that affect you? You can spin your wheels trying to disprove the analogy, but it is no different.

Madness. Setting aside that you didn't even finish creating a full fledged analogy, analogies are by definition comparisons of things that are different. Analogies attempt to say that, because something is like another thing those two things PERHAPS share further similarities. Instead, you just kind of threw out the concept that same sex marriages don't affect a person not directly involved in the marriage contract, which is a super simplified version of a very complex debate that has been going on for a long time yet somehow it is presented as an axiom.

Then you somehow declared that even if the analogy is wrong/poor/disproved your point will still stand. Yet your whole point was the analogy. I'm not even entirely sure what your point was because the analogy was so half baked! Were you responding to the f2p discussion or the OP lazy rich people discussion? We don't' know!

You did use affect correctly which I appreciate quite a bit so you have a potential supporter here.

I think you'd have more luck making an analogy using another closed system rather than comparing the open system of real life to the closed system of a game.
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03/31/2013 02:13 AMPosted by Hotshot
There aren't very many lazy rich people, but there are plenty of hard-working 'not a lot of free time' people. I don't mind their financial contribution to my bank account. At least Blizzard gives the players a chance to see a cut of the action. They could have sold items in the RMAH and kept players out of it, and then they would be Nexon, or any other F2P game company that sells its gear for $.

if you want to earn money get a job or open a business. this is a game sir. its to play not to earn money.

if people want to play they will make time for it.
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03/31/2013 10:00 PMPosted by NBrad
The guy forgot to mention that the items on the AH (real money or not) are not posted by Blizzard, but by fellow players. And yes, it makes all the difference.

it really doesn't make a difference.

it really doesn't
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I like how Blizzard is conveniently trashing the game's RMAH now...just in time to sell the non RMAH version at the end of the year (Playstation).
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04/01/2013 03:01 AMPosted by PartyAnimal
I like how Blizzard is conveniently trashing the game's RMAH now...just in time to sell the non RMAH version at the end of the year (Playstation).

Thanks. That's one point if view i haven't considered.
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good video, I agreed with most of it. Here is my $.02:

1. It's not just lazy rich people, but people with lots of disposable income as well.
2. Due to #1, this kind of system promotes all the wrong things and in turn creates a poor community and poor playerbase.

2a. Pertaining to Diablo 3, this is how microtransactions/in-game economy hurt the bottom line:

-Players who purchase gear (or gold to buy gear) are not encouraged to learn or play the game normally. They purchase power to skip through the game and farm better/faster than players who do not spend money.

-With enough power, it doesn't matter what their skill build is, so these people don't learn/play the game and come up with their own build. These kind of people often copy off of other people's successful builds.

-Elitist attitude. They spend more money gearing up their character so they are more powerful sooner than those who play the game normally. Because they've gotten so powerful so quick, they often talk down to regular players (who most often are superior PLAYERS) b/c their sheet DPS is higher and/or survivability is better

-Entitled attitude. People who spend money often feel entitled and it goes hand in hand with the elitist attitude. Since they have more money, they claim that it saves "time" as if somehow, their time is more valuable than your time simply because they chose to spend money on gear and you didn't. Newsflash, ANYBODY can dump hundreds of dollars into the game and get the same gear. It's simply a matter of choice and/or principle.

The main problem with this is that these people did not earn their equipment. There is a sense of accomplishment in leveling your character and finding your own great items. You have had to go thru the process of farming your own MF gear so you can find more powerful items to replace that MF gear. By allowing people to purchase the game, they've eliminated entirely one aspect of the game that's been there and been a proud heritage of Diablo for years.

-Unskilled players. This one has more to do with D3's game design. Allowing people to freely select skills and runes (especially in an ARPG), is a very bad thing to do. Going hand in hand with purchasing power, allowing these same people to freely select skills is like stealing power from someone else. They didn't earn their skill builds. They didn't do the legwork involved and really learned the game (either from research, or from trial and error). There's a really good reason out there, why almost all RPG's force you to invest in your skills.

In the D3 community, not many people actually CAN build their own builds. Even though the skills and runes are preset effects, most people are not capable of building their own build. Most noobs talk about it as if it was this easy thing, and it's not.

-Flippers. Okay we all know that we got some economy guru's here on D3 and it's no secret that they get ahead by knowing the market. That's all good and all, but the problem is, this method of acquiring wealth and/or gear is too powerful when compared against spending time in the game. It creates elitists who often demean normal players. They're "suckers" or "noobs" simply because they suck at working the economy, or choose not to play the economy.

If the game design has come down to this (and for D3, it has) then the game was designed extremely poorly. Pro economy players should NEVER be superior to players who invest a lot of time. Economic skills should never be superior to skills learned while playing the game.

Bringing it all together, this is a game that completely caters to casuals and fosters unskilled, lazy players with piss poor attitudes. The huge part of making this happen was the two AH's, and in part the free skill select system. Initially, it doesn't seem like such a simple thing as selling gold or gear is such a bad thing but in actuality it is the worst thing that you could do to the game.

The designers of Diablo 2 did it right. They made the best possible game they could, and player economy was truly player driven. You had to conduct face to face trades and if you wanted to purchase items, then you had to do so off of a third party with prices dictated by real market demand. Because the market was separate from the game, they could freely change things in the game for the better, rather than for the worse.

It was great for everybody. Items were not scarce. Plenty of items dropped and there were a lot of usable items. Skill builds really were skill builds and you really had to have game experience to create a working build which creates a sense of accomplishment, starting from scratch all the way to completion. Botting didn't really matter because economy revolved around items, not gold. RM item value was low because the drop rates were so good that regular players can farm themselves (which is how it should be). Normal player should always be on a superior or equal footing to someone who spent money or botted.
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This video has everything to do with Diablo 3. (AH/RMAH)
He even talks about Diablo 3 6 minutes 50 secounds in or you could just watch the whole video..its good with good points.


Adhd Poor People are Ruining Games
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03/31/2013 12:21 PMPosted by xKosciejx
Even if I were a casual playing only 2-4 hours a day I would rather get my gear in game than buy for real money. It's much more fun to find something worth using by your own rather than use shortcuts like AH or RMAH even though I use AH...

But your not... So your point is irrelevant. Who cares what other people do. It has no affect on you at all.
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It only bothers those that let it bother them. So just do not let it bother you. So what if Harry or Sally got a weapon or another piece of gear before you did. You do not get any prize for gearing up faster. You really do not win anything at all in this game or any other game for doing that.
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03/31/2013 12:21 PMPosted by xKosciejx
Even if I were a casual playing only 2-4 hours a day I would rather get my gear in game than buy for real money. It's much more fun to find something worth using by your own rather than use shortcuts like AH or RMAH even though I use AH...

2-4 hours a day is hardly casual dude

think 2-4 hours every week.
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