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Nobody here has advice for me?

Hey all kinda stuck in my build, need a bit more survivability and as always more dps. please look over build and gear and offer advice.

aps 2.32, cc 45, cd 476, ar w/owe 582, hp 52526, 1215 lps, 2.9 ls, any help is appreciated.
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well. you shouldn't have to much problems with survival....

I would try to replace the gloves with trifecta ones, a bracer with fire resit/all resist and 6cc. them mempo helm is nice, but the CC would do better there rather than dual resist.

While your WKL has life steal... the dps is low and there is low lightning damage. If you want to stick with that, you should look for one with at leat 22% extra light dam and over 850dps

if you are willing to drop the WKL there are nice 1000dps weapons with crit LS and OS FOR SUPER CHEAP like under 20mil cheap.... that may change in a day or 2

I dont know what your price limit is, so take these suggestions with a grain of salt
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First, what is your budget?

Second, dual life steal if you are worried about survivability.

Third, You have enough resists, use overawe as a spirit spender.

Fourth, Don't under estimate exploding palm, the amount of damage it does is incredible.
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budget atm is low like 100 mil, will try ep only time ive used it was the whole cm monk mp10 thing worked well
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from your profile u dont have overawe. u have combination strike passive but only 1 spirit spender - thunder clap ?

Try swapping thunderclap for quickeninng > fast spirit regen! This will let you:
Use cyclone strike to pull in mobs to make up for mobility lost and spam overawe.

Combination Strike is sweet, use either Blazing Fist/Foresight for more offensive buff or Keen Eye for defensive buff?

If going full offensive, swap serenity for exploding palm/bells for last slot.
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so you are saying I should use both fot and deadly reach as attacks for buffs? sorry am still kinda new to monk, just now starting to experiment. Ppl say my rez is ok at 584 but I still seem to die a lot especially with trying other builds? am I doing something wrong? ty again for ur time
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I would get rid of the scorn go 4 2 weapons scorn is in my opinion 2 slow 4 monks because monks r all about speed in & out + AS
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Also try mantra of evasion hard target rune it lifted me 3 mp lvls
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from Mp7/8 +/- perspective;

584 resist is ok, IF you dont stand in stacksss of poison pool, desecrator etc. its prolly you need to get more familiar with the monk play style.

if you die too much for now, just use serenity til you feel you can manage without it.

use deadly reach or fist of fury for the extra buff in addition to combination strike passive if you want to go more aggressive. Coupled with Overawe, u will killl stuffs A LOT faster.

i see you are using Time of Need . .. but a glance at your gear stats, you should be fine with overawe. . idk .. .. i cant part with 48% dam. lost. ..

If you just look at my monk profile we are pretty even in gears? i do die when im impatient in mp8 or encounter a uber vicious e pack. Other than it, its rushing from packs to packs and taking them down fairly quickly. if i go serenity, i seldom die.

Hope this gives you some confident and assurance.

Cheers and glhf !!
Add me if you want, i can show you the difference Combination strike + overawe does. pop in exploding palm, you are a killing machine. lol . . but i dont play as much nowadays. ..
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thanks again cloud, will def try again i think my play style is whats getting me. i tank like a barb so ya standing in crap i shouldnt be is whats gettin me, gonna take some time gettin used to movin around. mp 7 not bad mp8 gets alil rough
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dude i got your friend request, im GMT +8 time zone.

anyway. .. heres a simple but effective spec for ya :

- Use Thunderclap for this build, its more powerful than Quickening and procs more LS(i think), it is also a free get out of jail card.
- u should have enough spirit to spam oveawe
- make sure u have Blaxing Wrath up all the time
- Faith in the Light is for bursting down elites > the 30% is huge.
- Beacon of Ytar is to let you use more FitL. but if u need OWE feel free to swap.
- use blazing fist to trigger combination strike and try maintain the blazing fist buff

Try this out for a start u will love it . .. just fyi, sheet dps, 200k dps become nearly 300k if u got your combination strike + blazing wrath + Blazing fist buff up.

open your menu and try out on some slow mobs to test it out.

After u get this going, get familiarize with spaming overawe and time your FitL on elites they will melt.

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sweet will give it a try, its strange the combo im runnin of breath and blinding flash, along with sweeping i get up to like 379k dps on the blinding buff,guess i was seein if i could get more gear dps, keep hearing of these 200-400k base dps builds, trying to fig out how they do it.
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go diabloprogress to check it out.

weapons are main factors i guess, and apart from cc,cd,ias, dex, the base damage from jeweries will help a lot.

many ppl use d3up to run simulation .. . i cant bother .. lol . .
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