Diablo® III

Help out this DH with advice (:

Aside from just suggesting what I can upgrade, any recommendations on where should I farm?

Currently gold: 100m

Current farming: Alkaizer DH oriented route on MP1

Will keep posted on improvements, etc.

Bought: Inna's Temp, Mempo of Twilight, The Witching Hour, Inna's Vast Expensive, The Wailing Host, a new rare Amulet, Vile Ward

Looking for a new ring and Manticore, possibly an explanation whether I should switch my Witching Hour for an Inna's Favor or not.
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Add me in game if you'd like.. just msg me saying so or w.e.

Also level up your blacksmith and craft your items until you get around 100k dps.. once you craft 5 of any piece of equipment and nothing is upgraded I'd say you maxed your crafting skills (for now)

You will craft again when you learn to craft legendaries (either buy the books on AH or find them)

After that just play the game, when you find something you think someone would want to buy search for similar items in the AH (right click it) then sell it according to what you believe is a fair price on that item..

With the gold you earn from selling items/ playing the game (either leveling up paragon or farming or w.e.) you should invest in stronger items.. Look at my build/itemization so you could get an idea of what items to get..

NO CRIT CHANCE ON RINGS BTW.. for 500k i just bought a ring that raised my dps from 160k to 180k

msg me in game, tell me how much gold youre willing to spend.. ill find the items for you if you like.
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Maxed crafting and blacksmith already, no luck with the RNG stats.

Isn't the trifecta ring what everyone wants to look for though?
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