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Stuck around 110K dps

Hey guys I'm looking to get around 200k dps or at least 150-175. Suggestions for improvement (I know there is a lot to improve) and a price range for those suggestions, I haven't been camping prices for monk gear lately. Thanks all
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first obvious thing i see that wouldnt be to expensive is upgrading your maras amulet to one with high crit chance and the rest of your stats similar....10-20mil est cost..check my maras out ...i think it was in the 10mil range..next is your gloves....keep building them !! need higher crit damage or hopfuly get lucky and craft ones that also have att speed....any other modification i see would be very pricey.....btw i like your weapons!!! i need a pair with life steal without losing damage
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I looked at the current AHs Maras, and maybe I'm just greedy, but there aren't any with FoT, max CC, 200+ Dex/Vit. Spent a couple mil to get 1.3k more dps from my gloves. I have absolutely no problem atm with MP7(haven't tested anything higher) but whats the recommended amount of AR for MP10?
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One big thing you could do...replace your Nat's ring with one that already has some Crit Chance on it. The higher the better. To make up for the loss of EHP, buy some new gloves. You can find some with the same or better CC and AS, 180-190 dex, AR, and phys resist for a reasonable price.
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04/02/2013 09:19 AMPosted by Mythrandia
One big thing you could do...replace your Nat's ring with one that already has some Crit Chance on it. The higher the better.

You are suggesting the most expensive possible upgrade for a monk that is only sitting at 110K to 125K dps as something like what you are suggesting can cost at least 500M gold (off the top of my head). It will not yield nearly the kind of return that other upgrades can give. A much more reasonable / cost effective upgrade on that nats ring is to add average damage as another damage modifier -- much cheaper, and still effective.

When it come to resists, you want to make sure that for whichever slots you are puchasing for, you max out on resists. And for goodness sake, consolidate resists... you have something like 2 or 3 different resists on your gear, and a bunch of them are in slots you actually purchased and not crafted. When looking at resists, try to pick something up that is as close to the max roll as possible (60 for elemental resist, 80 for all resist). The more you can do in your EHP slots, the less you need of it from DPS slots.

And I don't know why you are so locked into the mara's amulet. That FoT damage buff is only for FoT skills -- but I'd say that most of your damage should be done by your spirit spenders. Get a good rare with decent DPS stats (ChC > 9% and pick 2 or all of ChD > 60%, decent dex, decent average damage > 35) -- and it should trump whatever DPS that ammy you have on you is giving you.

I also don't understand why people pick up mempos without ChC. Given a choice between IAS and ChC, ChC wins hands down in just about all situations. So look for an inna's hat, and that guarantees you at least 5%ChC and that gives so much more eDPS than IAS can give you.

Oh, and the resolve passive is pretty much useless -- there are much better passives out there to choose from.
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IIRC, I've seen tons of 3 CC nat's rings for about 20m. Maybe I'm recalling it wrong.
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What is your budget? 200K don't come cheap.

Which res you wanna keep?
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04/02/2013 04:50 PMPosted by Mythrandia
IIRC, I've seen tons of 3 CC nat's rings for about 20m. Maybe I'm recalling it wrong.

With Average damage?
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The poison/cold on my bracers/gloves were simply rolls that I kept b/c the rest of the stats were better than what I had at the time. Lightning should clearly be my focus.
And yes the Mara's isn't the end all be all, I will move on to focus more on my spirit skills.

My budget fluctuates that why I'm asking for price ranges for improvements.
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I would ditch Mempo for a good Inna's Radiance. You're DW. CC is more valuable than ias imo. Price varies.

I would craft some amulets and replace the one's you have.

Get a cc nat's ring. 30 mil and up.

Get a MH with CHD, 50 mil and up? Or you could get a decent WKL with CHD.

I would also craft better bracers.
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switch you main hand and off hand weapons, EF has a higher AS which help increase your overall AS.
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From a DPS standopint, your amulet is dreadful. A good amulet would add 15k DPS.
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