Diablo® III

I have questions: and i'm going crazy

So sometimes when i play with my HC barb she puts out an orange aura that looks kinda like old school (d2) battle orders. (it's not war cry as that's white in color) And also, sometimes when monsters hit her or she hits them, three little lines appear above the monster's head and stay for a few seconds..

my questions

what are these effects?!?!?!!?

i have no idea how to look up what these all mean.

also if any of you know of a source that defines the graphical effects in the game that'd be neat.

thanks in advance

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battle rage?
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I'm with Miso...the aura definitely sounds like battle rage.
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i dont think it's battle rage...battle rage triggers when i press the button, then remains on and green stuff shines on her chest. i've tested it, and watched when it wears off. nothing happens. battle rage rune i use is the 30% more dmg.
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the aura is from

bash pulverise.

it was added a few patches ago.

the lines above the monsters head might be when they are stunned.
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thanks... what does it do?
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nope not bash...i stood there and it happened.... something to do with thorns???
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it's Rend - Bloodlust, I noticed this after I started using sword & board a few days ago and switching to rend
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nope...it's not, sat there and rend(ed) over and over, didnt happen....i think maybe it's something with my Templar skills?

sigh whatever
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it's the INTERVENE templar skill

i stood while monsters attacked me, the templar made a "casting" move, i shot the aura out and the monsters got the three lines on their heads and went after the templar.
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