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Rare Wands' Max AP Fixed Roll Should Be Removed

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@Brawl: Thanks for the support! :)
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I don't know why this post deserves to be bumped so much. Obviously this isn't going to change.

Just funny that WitchDoctors Knives don't come with +30 mana, Barb mighty weapons with +5 max fury, DH Crossbows +2 disciplin, and Monk Fist weapons +10 spirit.

Well, the funny part is that most class specific weapons blow. And I mean they are really pretty useless. Mighty weapons? No barb that has a bit of gold would use those weapons really, since the passive for weapons is so bad, you gain 3 more fury per strike. Wow. But you loose a lot of DPS and you dont need those 3 more fury per strike, its just pathetic. And +13 or 15 max fury? Another pathetic affix ... And its probably the same for many of the other classes. I newer see an serious monk use an daybo for example. Those are simply all crap as well compared to an skorn.
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@CrniVuk: That's not a problem with Mighty Weapons. If it's a problem at all, it's a problem with one or more skills.
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+1, Thanks for posting this.
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@littleman: Thanks for the support! :)
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Would anyone else like to chime in and offer their opinion(s)?
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Wall of wand text hits you for 1,332,896,551 damage (crit). You have died.
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Wall of wand text will make many non-Archon, non-CM Freeze Wizard skills viable if they implement it. I am resurrected.
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I don't care to let this thread be buried by people misplacing WTB and WTS item threads in this "Items" discussion forum.
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I want this wand to be able to drop with ilvl 63 properties (as well as other iterations of "true" 6 random properties):
1) Damage Affix (physical/lightning/fire/cold/arcane/holy)
2) Attack Speed % (or Weapon Damage %)
3) Life Steal %
4) Arcane Power on Critical Hit
5) Critical Hit Damage %
6) Socket

With Love,

That would be a great wand... Is that fair to other classes?

I would just like an APoC Socketed, Life Steal, Crit Damage wand, with decent DPS. Highest I've seen is below 900 which makes all the crit dmg in the world useless.
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@ckhoo888: Thanks for the support! :)

@HanbulliHan: Yep. Let me show you what absolute perfect rolls would look like:

% Damage w/ physical:
IAS with elemental:

The reason is that the base damage on wands are a bit lower than other weapons...
Desolator Wand: 243.6 dps
Exorcist: 263.2 dps
Slayer: 285.4 dps
Heaven Hand: 248.5 dps
Veil Piercer: 257.6 dps

and the non-class specific 1-handers...
Rune Sword: 248.5 dps
Centurion Spear: 320.4 dps
Demolisher: 327.0 dps
Darkblade: 209.3 dps
Arch Axe: 285.4 dps

As you can see, the only weapon that a Desolator Wand would be able to deal more weapon damage than is a Darkblade. Every other class is already starting with more weapon damage from their weapons' base dps.
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