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Why even bother crafting armor/weapons?

I've got several characters, and after playing through to 60+ on one I was having fun crafting stuff for new characters... but then I quickly realized how much that was costing to get one good piece (crafting several until getting some decent) ... and on the Gold Auction house I can almost always get something a lot better for less gold after doing a simple search.

Taking into account the cost to craft one item, the materials required to craft it, and that you generally need to craft several to get one good thing... it's a joke. :(

This is mostly true at all levels too... in other words crafting is lame, and when will they fix it?

The only good crafting "recipes" seem to be those with set stats... like the special ones you can do at level 60. but even those sometimes you get bunk stats along with it.

Then you take that amount of gold you just spent on crafting and search the GAH, and there's often something better for less.... sometimes a lot less.

Maybe you get lucky once in awhile... maybe lucky enough to sell stuff and make gold back? Hasn't been my luck.
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crafting is designed for 2 types of people.
1) self found players who dont wanna search the AH all day so they can craft pretty good items for not too much money.
2) Extremely high end of the spectrum players who have the resources to pump out tons of rolls in hopes of getting a perfect one, because many of the new recipes are BiS.
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That's just it though... I'm probably more like your first example, and have done "pretty good", but I guess I'm just noticing a major imbalance, more with the pre-Artisan crafting. Comparing costs to craft "pretty good" items for pre-60 characters to costs at the auction house... it doesn't take searching all day long to find a great item for a mere fraction of the crafting cost, and typically for much better upgrades too... there's just so much out there.

So either the auction house has broken crafting in some respects, or crafting needs a lot of help to make it more enticing and less costly.
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