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Is there a cap for CC, IAS, CD before diminishing returns or anything of the sorts kicks in and becomes valuable to a lesser extent? Also, a site so i can study it?
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All are stackable without any caps. 1.09 may change that. Not sure.
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CC cap is 75% w/o sharpshooter or archery buffing hand xbow weilding. IIRC there is not a cap or diminishing returns for IAS or CD.
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CC cap is 75% w/o sharpshooter or archery buffing hand xbow weilding. IIRC there is not a cap or diminishing returns for IAS or CD.

Wrong. The only exclusion is Sharpshooter. You cannot exceed 75% crit chance with any PASSIVE increase to crit chance including the 10% you get from archery as a 1 handed crossbow user.

The other exception, of course, are items that increase the crit chance of actual abilities like Strafe etc that do not affect your tooltip.

But the only way to exceed 75% crit chance on your tooltip is with Sharpshooter.
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so if i was to go for a certain amount of IAS% is there a certain point where anymore added on is a waste for certain abilities? i only want 5% more CC required for permagloom then get to the "cap" where more IAS isn't as useful as other abilities. which would be considered more useful if you go by the 1:10 ratio CHC:CHD or a certain amount of Ave. Dam.? I'm leaning more into items in this order: IAS, CHC, Ave.Dam., CHD, DEX, ?
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People try to put an actual value on these stats and the answer is very simple: Get a well rounded amount of all of it. When you increase one stat, it makes the others a lot more valuable as well. I know that sounds very vague and far from helpful but think of it this way:

Crit damage's value goes up when you have more crit chance. Your 600% crit damage won't do much if your crit chance is say... 8%

My point is people try to say over and over again "yeah it's pointless to get more of this stat after this certain thresh-hold" but that's a load of crap. The only real cap is 75% crit chance. If you got IAS on every piece of gear you could and max crit damage on every single piece of gear available you don't lose anything. That's called perfection if anything else. Get what you can afford and try to balance out your stats (ehp too).
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critical hit chance cap to 75%, w/ SS you get 75+3=78% +3%/sec, w/ skill chc bonus you can go above that cap.
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