Diablo® III

DH built for MP 6-7

I said that, because I've tried only up to 7 and I know my equipments aren't that good.


With this build, I'm actually tanking even elites, and of course when I lose focus, I'll die. But most of the time, I'm doing really find tanking.

Of course with higher attack speed you can do even better. This build works better for those with 1h Crossbow.

Basically I'll stand in 1 area, cast the caltrops to increase my Crit C. Mark an Elite (because my hatred regen is bad) and place the spike trap infront of me waiting for them to come. Once they arrived, cast gloom.
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Well, if you're tanking 6-7 with hungering arrow, you can do 8-9 with Cluster Grenades and maybe 10 with Bola Shot Thunderball
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Yea what Oscar said.. learn to play the game and stop relying on your gear to survive.. Learn to stutter step, learn to perfectly time your smokescreens, glooms, and or vaults..

it requires far more skill, time, and practice before you master it, but you imo its worth it.

Just remember, high mps arent meant to lvl up etc, high mps are there so you can get A HIGHER drop rate on items you want (keys from wardens etc) and for bragging rights..

besides, requiring some skills to survive such a high mp is fun ;p
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swop fan of knives or rain of vengeance for marked for death, valley of death. use bola shut, thunder shot, has a 35% chance to stun. You should do better.
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I like my MP1-3 farming runs; MP7+ slogs even me down in efficiency. I want 1.0.8 already!
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