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Nived´s Free Gearing Service (WW Barbs) Pt. 2

My current budget is 100 mil I am thinking I am at the point where my upgrades are going to be few and far between. Thought of working on upgrading all my gems to Marquise. I recently switched to the Andariels helm but I am not sure I even needed the additional IAS. Any thoughts on possible gear upgrades. Currently farming DE and crafting necks trying to get a better CC/CD neck or a trifecta.

Mainly interested in how I am doing overall and what your recommendation is on a new Helm within a 100-200mil budget.

Thanks for your help and all that you have done to assist the Barbarian community.

My Barb Profile http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Nocternus-1109/hero/727962
Love your work mate, you are absolutely brilliant :)
Hey Nived,

Just wondering about your thoughts on the balance here, and if anything could be done for ~200 mill to improve it.

Profile Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Flip-1366/hero/30973165

thanks a bunch nivid. I had the feeling I was at the point where those changes were my only option. I did take your advice on rings and I swaped out my gloves and belt to a ik belt and non ik gloves and overall with the 4 changes I lost about 10k dmg but my surviveability greatly improved. I made all the changes with gear I had so luckily it hasn't costed me yet. it takes me closer to 8% life steal, my cd is lost on witching hour but replaced (actually improved by rings), and my aps is kept consistant by gloves. Thanks for the push, i needed it! Good luck on the ubers comp btw.
I've heard you're the person to see on barb gear. I've just built my barb, and I can do MP 1-5, until I get to act 4 on MP 5, then I start dying a lot more than often. Is there any advice you can give me? I'll be on for the rest of the night. Thank you.
I would love some advice! I have a 100mil budget and would love some gearing help. I have read alot of guides and am surviving MP10 key runs without any issues... but my damage is only 120k unbuffed.. Its taking FOREVER to kill monsters.

Please Help.

I have added you in game
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Just went and bought a cheap mace and EF with alright stats to see how it was. There really is a huge difference between DW and Skorn in terms of fury regen and damage but for some reason my tDPS dropped significantly from 520k to 419k. Do I need to modify my build or just get better weapons?
I'm running about 145k dps and wondering how i can get up around 200k but within a reasonable budget..wondering if you could take a look at my gear and tell me what i could upgrade to get better dps, would like to step up past mp5 and mp6..thanks

I only do 160k unbuffed and I easily solo MP8-9 run public games in MP8. There is no such thing as a 200K build within a reasonable budget when it comes to DT build. You can get to 150-160k but to get that last 40k costs an arm and a leg.
Just came back and looking for a bit of advice on how i can upgrade? 1.94 ias, 57.5cc,462cd, 35k hp, 143k dps, approx 400ar , 230 regen, 8% LS, 6400 armor. Not sure what I can do to maximize my dps etc, Ive been farming up to mp7 nps, die occassionally ex. 2packs with bad affixes but in general im fine, just don't kill enough, so I think i want just more dps and keep at LEAST the same survive if not a bit more. Would love any suggestions- couple hundred mill budget.
** all above stats is unbuffed** thought id add that in.

1) drop the andy helm for a mempo.. when u get to high MPs that andy helm is gonna hurt.
2) drop the ias on ur ammy and go with cd instead
3) ur vit is slightly on the low side.. consider picking up innas with vit instead of str
4) replace that lamentation was an ik belt
5) cd on ur oh ring
6) higher vit ik chest.
7) ur gonna want to get an ef for ur oh. either .24aps or .25aps, at least 900dps, str/cd/os
hey nived i see youve got 5.9 LS with blood thirst. if i have 5.1 LS without blood thirst, should i go for superstition or just stick with bloodthirst? im having problems with combinations of arcane/plague/molten/firechains/desecrator
get a mempo with 250str+, get an ik belt with 250str/50vit, take the ias off ur unity and replace it with cd. you're already hitting the 2.5 breakpoint with 4 slots of ias, anymore ias u add is just a waste.

ur vit is tragic. and idk how ur living with only 3% ls and 700vit. keep rolling vit shoulders, stack pure vit on innas (150 minimum), and unless ur aiming to hit higher breakpoints with ur oh u have too much ias. i havent checked ur profile via d3rawr, but like i said if u are trying to hit higher breakpoints with ur oh then ur fine, otherwise u can drop a few slots because u only need 4 slots.

with ur dps u should be having no troubles up until mp7-8. the problem is mostly a l2p (learning to play) issue. my guess is u are unable to permawrath. and judging by the lack of ias on ur gear i would say thats a bout right. u need to get 9%ias on ur gloves and lose the rare pants and pick up some innas with at least 150vit and 8%ias. ur vit as a whole is very very low. start crafting vit shoulders. drop the axe and get an of ef with either .24 or .25aps, 900dps, str/cd/os
ill be getting on as soon as i catch up on some of these posts and ill add u bro.

the reason ur tdps dropped when switching from skorn to dw is because skorn always comes with native cd.. the mace u have have no cd whatsoever. if u can pick up a mace with some cd u will be fine.

stop chasing dps (especially paper dps) and start fixing ur vit.. 600 vit is tragic. no matter how high ur dps is u will get one-shot in anything over MP8. also, ur dps is way too low to only be rocking 3% ls. drop the mediocre WH and pick up an ik belt. get ias on ur gloves, get at least 130vit on ur ice climbers, get 150vit innas (minimum), get 150vit on ik chest (minimum), start crafting vit shoulders, drop the trifecta ring and the trifecta ammy and pick up avg dmg,str,cc,cd for both, drop both ur weapons and get an oh ef with either .24aps or .25aps, 900dps, str/cd/os and a mh mace with 650-1200 dmg range, str,cd,os. in other words, u got a lot of work to do.

yea bro use superstition. great for ehp :)

Alright, Just finished getting different equipment. I'll pick up a Echoed Fury when I get on later today. Thanks for the advice!
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Hey Nived. Dude, I have gear that i think is pretty good. Can you give any advice on which build to use with the gear I have. Skorn not an EF... :/
Hey Nived. Dude, I have gear that i think is pretty good. Can you give any advice on which build to use with the gear I have. Skorn not an EF... :/

You have a great set up for Hota/Rend.

If you can get two slots of 8%, it will put you at 1.4 aps in wrath which will make it easier to for you to maintain when using hammer.

Try a build like this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#acZUPR!ZdY!bZZZcY
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Hey Nived. Dude, I have gear that i think is pretty good. Can you give any advice on which build to use with the gear I have. Skorn not an EF... :/

well u have no ias whatsoever.... not viable for ww, especially with a skorn. and hota needs ias as well sooooooo. u need at least two slots of ias. the great gear u thought u had isnt so amazing unfortunately. however, your ammy is amazing!!!!! and the only reason i say that is because it used to be mine LOL. i sold it for 80m after patch came out.. i wonder if u were the one who got so lucky to purchase the hand-me-downs from a beast of my caliber :)
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hi Nived. first of all, i would like to thank you for making this awesome guide. i am following your 60m budget guide. this helped me jump my dps from a low 100k to 180k, however my hp hurt a lot. i might have overlooked it and now its really low. im not sure which item should i drop and replace (or simply replace some gem?) pls advice me on what i should drop and what i should replace it with. i am kinda low on budget now around 10m is left from what i have. thanks again and more power!

note: what are the next upgrades i should take once i get the other gears needed like the pants. i need something to inspire me to keep grinding. haha
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hey nived can you help me with a 1 bil price tag build?
Questions to you guys.

1. When you say "...IMO as a WW barb the most important aspect of having a well geared set is hitting the 2.5 breakpoint..." you mean 2.5 aps, with both weapons, during WOTB ?

2. Why do you recommend using 2 maces ? Suppose I want to use EF in my Main hand and a mighty weapon in my off hand (just because I like mighty weapons). Am I in disadvantage here ?
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