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200K paper, 1M tDPS, 750k EHP - 250m budget

I have been playing around with d3rawr for a couple hours and can't seem to find a way of boosting my stats enough to justify spending 250m.

My current stats are:

Damage: 159312.92
tDPS: 702383
Effective Health: 576464

Firstly I swapped out (d3rawr) my chest and pants for an IK chest & IC boots w/ 12% MS. This combo would cost about 190m and I was losing about 500 dmg and gaining 50k EHP. Definitely not a justified purchase.

Next I tried to find an axe / EF combo that would significantly boost my DPS. Once again the stats came up short and I'm left disappointed.

I know the stats in the title are unreachable with that sort of budget, however I would appreciate someone doing a bit of homework for me and seeing what the next best step would be.

Thanks guys!
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Lol for one sec.. I got excited seeing 1m tdps for 250m budget. But realised it's buffed?
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Yeh sorry, unbuffed my stats are:

Damage: 117116.6
tDPS: 516346
Effective Health: 576464

You have any hints on which way to go?
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One of you lads has gotta be able to steer me in the right direction, pls!
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Attack speedon offhand can be a big factor with sprint tornados.
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Wouldnt even need attack speed, a simple dagger with the same stats even at lower dps, even if it dropped your sheet dps your tdps would rise significantly.
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Just input some OH daggers into D3rawr with the following stats:

(OS) 100% CD
60% CD
111 VIT


(OS) 100% CD

I lose DPS on the first dagger.
I gain 4k tDPS on the second dagger.

200STR is equal to .2 APS it seems.

Back to the drawing board.
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why not look for MH mace instead of axe?
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Just tried the following mace:

50% dmg

Added 5k DPS.

Doesn't seem like a viable choice imo.
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check tdps, note your also dropping .10aps going with a mace over an axe unless you get echo.
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tDPS moves from 516-543k.

Definitely not worth the 90m.
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Well you have to look at it from the perspective of upgrading all your equipment not just 1 piece...every other piece will multiply the effect of that one piece.

Your dps increased by about 6 percent...now apply 6 percent increase to all pieces the end result which be much higher right? When theres room to improve ALL of your gear 1 peice isnt going to significantly bump.
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I understood your point, but I don't have the greatest hindsight when it comes to upgrades, which is why my OP asks a huge favour of one of the more experienced barbs to dedicate a bit of time to my cause.

I know it's a big ask but I thought it might be a bit of a challenge for them to straighten me out gear wise.

Therefore I'm still wanting feedback from the willing.
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Always look at fully buffed tdps. How often are you fighting enemies using only your passives?

When building tdps, you should be focusing on 3 major categories:

-Breakpoints. You are at 2.37 with your profile setup, that's 11% wasted attack speed. Ideally you want 2.5 buffed aps, which is easily achieved with an EF and 4 slots of attack speed.
-Mainhand average damage. You're good there.
-Crit. More is always better, but not a major issue right now.

I plugged you into d3rawr: http://www.d3rawr.com/d-XI36j

Set1 is your profile setup, set2 is with mainhand mace (20m buyout)+ef(40m buyout), in set3 I also added in a soj since you don't need the extra slot of attack speed.

Could definately do much better on your budget, from what I see, mainhand ef+offhand sword (or ias dagger if you go for 3.33) is optimal for tdps.

EDIT: I forgot to remove the elemental damage when plugging in the ef's, tdps gain is actually a bit higher. Also changed set2 to the ef(~70m buyout)+sword (1m buyout) combo I mentioned above: http://www.d3rawr.com/d-QoUtT +523k tdps vs elites compared to your current setup.
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That's awesome feedback, thank you!

A couple questions:

If I purchase the MH I'm getting a trade off of 59% CD for .1APS & a little less avg dmg, doesn't seem like a good deal.

The OH EF also has less average dmg, obviously I'm getting that .25 APS bonus, but I'm also losing STR and 57% CD.

I see clearly it's adding decent numbers on paper. So what am I not understanding from this equation?
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your barb puts my 1 bil "budget barb" to shame
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You're taking the mickey, right?

Your barb looks a lot better than mine.

The title of this topic is my goal stats not actual stats btw.
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crit too low, offhand kinda sucked, u could afford to drop some resist all
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The crit damage more than compensates for having slightly less average damage, and with an offhand ef you're hitting 2.5 aps on both weapons anyways (which is the reason people use ef).

Again, to go with the point about the ef, the +aps applies to both weapons which is where it pulls ahead. With double crit on mainhand you don't lose much crit damage anyways.

Keep in mind that sprint and rend use your mainhand damage only, offhand damage only effects your ww. For example, I recall a weapon setup that Phat used to hit 2m tdps while using a 200 dps offhand.
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So I spent the following:

42m for MH
34m for Mempo
29m for EF

It's boosted my paper DPS from 159k to 195k.

Next I'm looking to upgrade to a high 200+VIT IK chest.
I still need the IK bonus 60 AR, but I want to swap out my belt for WH.
So I'm unsure as what I should do.
MS Ice Climbers are out of the question cause of gold!

Opinions welcome!
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