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MP 10 ubers question

To run it solo, should i aim for dual LS weps around 200k dps, or go higher DPS, and have 1 LS wep?

Can someone who has run it solo post your weps and what ur EHP and res is at?
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dual res definitely makes it easier

533 res

5100 armor

36k hp

those are my stats and i solo mp10 ubers just fine. the only group that gives me a bit of trouble sometimes is siege/zk but thats only when theyre on top of eachother basically lol.
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In my experience, I played MP10 on Act 3. You should at least below stats

Mini stat: HP 40k, armor: 45k, Ar: 550.

If you don't have enough HP,and ar 550, you will die very fast if u face that plague and molten.
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thanks dough. another LS EF it will be then
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You said you want to get rid of EF for dual LS rare weapons I remember. Actually, EF with LS is another good choice. Dual LS is definitely important for mp 10 battle. If you DPS is near 300k, you can use single LS weapons for MP10. Many top monk can handle that, I played with them in public, they kill elites pretty fast and refill the hp fast too.
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yeah. The fear helped some today when i was backed in a corner. So i figured i'd stick with it
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sk-magda - single LS should do
ghom-raka - cookie cutter 200k dps needs dual LS, Nirvana bell build single LS
sb-kulle - I still having hard time on it even with 5.6%LS+1.2k LoH, the real issue is not the sustain, its that slow-mo bubble + RD from sb.
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Well I ditched the EF. Bought a cheap sword with low LS just to try this out. See if I can run it better with 4.8 LS at 204k dps
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May get inna chest with AR and try to craft a solid dps ammy too. Boost my dps and keep my tea where it is at.
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Good gear up, let us know what the result!
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I'll try some today. Appreciate it!
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