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Inna pants vs lacuni bracers

hi fellow WD's,

what would you recommend to go with? Inna pants with good bracers or the other way around, Lacuni with good pants.

Or none of the above and get pants and bracers without movement speed?

thanks for the advice :)
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Hard to say, really.

Depends on the character and build.

You posted from an account where we can't see the Witch Doctor I assume you want us to help you suggest gear for.

So we don't know what build you are running, which ultimately makes it difficult to suggest what the best situation would be.

But a good pair of Lacuni Prowlers with some Critical Hit Chance would probably get you a lot more DPS then pants. Then get Blackthorne's Jousting Mail (pants) for a little bit of LoH and survivability. Though you can make other decisions there. Or grab some Inna's to get your movement speed up so you can do runs quicker.
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My bad, seems like I'm not awake yet ;) I logged on to the US forum, hence you can't see my profile. Here it is: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Lirkaz-2872/

thanks Unzero
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i've recently had this same debate with myself. right now i'm wearing inna's. but i have some really nice BT's in stash. way more ehp and loh to boot. but if i went for a lacuni, it would not compare to my crafted one - which isn't even that great. a crafted bracer can beat the hell out of a 6cc, 9ias, int bracer. i've tried d3upping and one of these is approximately the same as the bracer i'm wearing for dps, then i'd get to switch out my pants for bt's losing me even more dps.

it's a tough one.... i wish there were more options for extra movement speed, but that ring or ammy or whatever it is, is just awful
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Keep the Inna's. Your bracers rock pretty hard. When you can afford a 6CC Lacuni with decent intelligence, get that and replace Inna's with Blackthorne's. Or a nice Rare.
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Thanks both for the feedback.

Indeed a tough choice MrMojo since you don't want to give up on movement speed, but obviously would like more dmg. Aren't we all greedy after all? ;)

I'll have a look at 6CC lacuni's, but from what i remember those are pretty expensive.

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Lirkaz, just wondering about your knife - does the black damage interaction with the zuni boots make up for the loss of intelligence? how does it compare to a manajuma's of equal dps and socket (but no mana regen?)

i like the idea of using something like that for the extra mana regen...
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I used to wear a manajuma knife with slightly better dps (around 1020), 98% CD and 175 intel. when i moved to my current knife, this lowered dps for about 2k.

honestly I don't regret the change since the little extra mana regeneration is pretty useful in my view.
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