Diablo® III

The 1 hour Demonic Essence challenge

New personal best, achieved with a paragon 48-49 Barb lol. So, after accepting that 100 at MP10 is a magical barrier for my current level of gear that´s only achievable if quite a few aspects play out well...I decided to try MP9.

After a few initial tests where I messed up a couple of times I pulled myself together and managed to play an almost flawless full hour, with no deaths and a solid RNG. Pretty much only the % of rares vs champions wasn´t ideal as I got way more rare elites than usual and as you know WW/Rend is better against champs. But still, I´m pretty happy with this run.

1. total kills: 109 / MP9
2. actual DE drops: 41
3. VotA
4. damage:
-> 258,375.42 unbuffed dps vs elites
-> 628,711.81 buffed dps vs elites (WotB, Battle Rage, OPKS, Focused Mind)
5. character -> http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Nubtro-2147/hero/30382844
d3rawr -> http://www.d3rawr.com/d-Wq70B
build -> http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#cURQhP!ZYS!bZYZZc
6. theoretical average essence gain per hour: 38.55
7. additional info:
-> I achieve 6 ticks per second with this Skorn setup thanks to my immortal Enchantress
-> used Boon of Bul-Kathos as my third passive as a safeguard for losing Wrath early; it helped me out a few times but other than that my fury management was good, I guess mainly because of having the luxury to burn more fury on elites to refresh the timer (no Berserker Rage)
-> breakdown of runs:
#1: 2r-5c-1g -> 5 DE / 8 sources / 3:52
#2: 3r-4c-2g -> 2 DE / 9 sources / 4:03
#3: 3r-4c-0g -> 4 DE / 7 sources / 3:42
#4: 4r-5c-0g -> 5 DE / 9 sources / 5:04
#5: 4r-5c-1g -> 3 DE / 10 sources / 4:16
#6: 4r-2c-1g -> 4 DE / 7 sources / 3:43
#7: 3r-5c-0g -> 3 DE / 8 sources / 4:58
FIRST HALF: 26 DE / 58 sources
#8: 2r-5c-0g -> 0 DE / 7 sources / 4:08
#9: 2r-4c-1g -> 3 DE / 7 sources / 4:23
#10: 4r-5c-1g -> 6 DE / 10 sources / 5:41
#11: 3r-4c-1g -> 3 DE / 8 sources / 4:42
#12: 4r-4c-0g -> 1 DE / 8 sources / 5:15
#13: 3r-5c-1g -> 1 DE / 9 sources / 5:00
#14: 2r-0c-0g -> 1 DE / 2 sources / 1:07
SECOND HALF: 15 DE / 51 sources
TOTAL: 43r-57c-9g -> 41 DE / 109 sources / MP 9 = 38.55 theoretical

Recorded this one. The 6 missing seconds are lost in-between Bandicam activations. Hopefully I´ll be able to post a video "soon" :)

EDIT: Here´s the video.
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Grats on record and I think It's definitely better to stay below MP10.

Like those extra details about rares/champs and de/sources btw, I guess I could do the same while double checking record score videos..
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My video (109 on MP9):
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Good stuff Nubtro.

I like how you use Rend to move off of an elite to check a platform while still doing damage. You gotta come back that way anyway and it makes sense to both check and try to group up Elites if possible. (if that makes sense) You do it in the first run of the video.
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Yeah we all know how awful the RNG on platforms may be and getting an elite early on one helps tremendously to keep up WotB, so I always try to go check the edge and come back to finish off the pack. This approach also makes sense when I face Magewraiths or a shielding rare as both take less (no) damage. Why not use those couple of seconds they´re doing their thing to go check the end of the platform?

Another thing that you may have noticed is that I often try to get out of Bowmaster range, so that they reposition themselves and stay more closely together, because that´s when WW/Rend destroys them within seconds.

I also like to hoard more packs and kill them at once, even though it´s a bit risky with my low defenses. The higher the MP the more efficient doing this is. Of course this doesn´t make sense for people who kill a pack in 3-4 seconds on MP6-7 solo or on MP10 in a party ;)
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I haven't had much time to watch it, but congrats on the run and I love the soundtrack :) Hopefully I can learn something. Boon as a third passive is not something I'd have expected...
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Nice run Nubtro.
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gz on the rend buil Nubtro, even if it's clear that hota is WAY better, but the rend build is cheaper and u have less chances to die obv.

WTB a party to beat us, MTH doesn't want to improve ourself, we need motivation :'(
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I decided to make this MP10 run as a first. I'd also like to mention that the EU servers were still experiencing mega lag.

Build had only 1 change from MP7, Resolve instead of Chant of Resonance. Used bracers with more mitigation and less dps.

Link: http://youtu.be/EJ9D1W4awyk

1. pack & goblin kills: 94
2. essence drops: 36.57 theoretical, 38 actual
3. MP10 Vault of the Assassin
4. damage (templar): 230244 @1.17 APS (+30/7 soj)
5. character - http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/dominatus-2534/hero/10817100
6. build - http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aceYkS!abd!YZacaY
7. other - 2 deaths on the same doublepack, lag was really EPIC at times, 1 PRT, 1 EMP shrine used, looted 38 DE, 3 legendaries and some rares

1. 8+1
2. 7+1
3. 8+2
4. 8
5. 6+1
6. 7
7. 7+2
8. 7+1
9. 7
10. 9+2
11. 7+1
12. 2
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bump :)
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One more MP10 run with slightly refined build. This video also has better quality than previous ones.

Only +1 DE source total for the full hour, but the breakdown reveals considerable improvement, it's actually +8 elite packs and -7 goblins total. I tried to do more dual packs this time.

Link: http://youtu.be/s26poIa0bqc

1. pack & goblin kills: 95
2. essence drops: 36.96 theoretical, 31 actual
3. MP10 Vault of the Assassin
4. damage (templar): 230244 @1.17 APS (+30/7 soj)
5. character - http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/dominatus-2534/hero/10817100
6. build - http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aceYkS!Xbd!YZacaY
7. other - 2 deaths, lag was really EPIC at times, 1 FLT, 1 EMP shrine used, looted 31 DE, 4 legendaries and some rares

1. 8+1
2. 8
3. 7+1 (died)
4. 8
5. 7+1
6. 5+1
7. 6
8. 7
9. 8
10. 8
11. 9 (died)
12. 7
13. 3
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Back with a new +1 record using the same build, used more recently crafted bracers with more mitigation and less dps, laggy servers, but lots of shrines to compensate. Also spent a bit less time on picking up rares.

I've done the previous score twice, of which the first one was done without shrines, with more dps, more looting, 1 death that lowered pack count by 1, and bad last clear that could have easily yielded 2 more packs, making it ~50tDE.

I haven't actually been trying to break the record for some time until this or upgrading gear since RoS leaks. Though, it seems to me more and more that gear may be required to reach 50 tDE without very good RNG.

Here's some details of the run of each 1/4th of it multiplied by 4 with the help of the timer/counter.

1st 15 min*4 ~49.108 DE/h
2nd 15 min*4 ~49.108 DE/h
3rd 15 min*4 ~51.446 DE/h
4th 15 min*4 ~47.938 DE/h

I think the success at the 3rd part was at least in part due to goblins in those clears. That part is the key. The 4th part's low score was mostly a result of the last short clear. Based on this there seems to be the possibility for breaking into 50 DE after all.

A setup that also seemed to work fine in a few timed tests on MP7 clears, but needs more testing was this: Empowered wave, dps bracers due to less RD issue, Fleetfooted, Scoundrel ChC, and casting more Overawe due to not needing nearly as much spirit for bells.

Video is 720p and has a timer and elite pack+goblin counter.

Link: http://youtu.be/EutKiX-nW2E

1. pack & goblin kills: 157+12
2. essence drops: 49.4 theoretical, 44 actual
3. MP7 Vault of the Assassin
4. dps: 230244 @1.17 APS (+30/7 soj)
5. character: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/dominatus-2534/hero/10817100
6. build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aceYkS!cbd!YZacaY
7. other: constantly lagging more or less, 5 EMP, 3 FLT shrines used, looted 44 DE, 5 legendaries and some rares

1. 8+1
2. 5+1
3. 6
4. 8
5. 8+1
6. 8
7. 8
8. 8
9. 6
10. 8
11. 7+1
12. 6
13. 8
14. 8+1
15. 7+1
16. 7+1
17. 7+2
18. 7+1
19. 8+1
20. 6
21. 9+1
22. 4

edit: Re-uploaded the vid due to a typo and added the 4 parts details comparison to the post.
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Alrighty, I have been working on this for months off and on and finally got there --

Elites -- 160
Goblins -- 15
Total -- 175

Demonic Essences per hour -- 51.15

Build --

Run structure --
1. 7+1
2. 5+1
3. 6
4. 6
5. 7
6. 5
7. 5
8. 6+1
9. 6
10. 6+1
11. 6+1
12. 5+1
13. 6+2
14. 5
15. 6
16. 8
17. 5
18. 4+1
19. 7
20. 6+1
21. 6+1
22. 6+1
23. 8+1
24. 8+1
25. 6+1
26. 5
27. 4

"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all" ~ HK
Druin, the happy monk
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Needed a break from paragon leveling eh? :)

Grats on entering the very limited club of people who broke 50 theoretical Druin.

Also an amazing endurance and striving for personal best presented by dominatus, props to that.

Updated the list.

I personally haven´t done VotA runs for almost 2 months it seems. I guess the leveling craze after the p2.0 reveal and not knowing what will become of DEs kind of destroyed the main motivating factors for a lot of people :/
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Ah, Druin and your ridiculous doom hammer, haha. Nice work man. When I was playing my monk, I was having a blast with the TR/bell/EP build you detailed so thoroughly. When I go back to her, I'll likely continue with the same build as it worked great. The current build in my profile was used for unique hunting. Monk is my second fav, after barb, so I'll get back to her soon enough.
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So... why is everyone doing VotA?
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10/27/2013 04:41 AMPosted by zapro
So... why is everyone doing VotA?

I guess because people get the most essences per hour there. VotA is the area with the highest elite pack density in the game as far as we know.

That being said, if someone posted proof that it´s possible to get higher DE gain values somewhere else, then people would probably consider running there instead.
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At the time this thread started, everyone was farming DE's for crafting, so they were trying to figure out the most efficient way in which to accumulate them. I think this has been placed on the back-burner for now, as people are trying to accumulate as much paragon as possible for ROS. However, it appears people are still trying to improve, which is good to see.
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So... why is everyone doing VotA?

I guess because people get the most essences per hour there. VotA is the area with the highest elite pack density in the game as far as we know.

That being said, if someone posted proof that it´s possible to get higher DE gain values somewhere else, then people would probably consider running there instead.

It would've been nice to see people trying to find other routes instead of this endless VotA circleje r k

Especially since there are some nicely geared people around.
Edited by zapro#2758 on 10/27/2013 5:05 AM PDT
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Figure it was easier to test as the spawn rate is typically the same in VotA (a crap ton in a relatively small area) which allowed for easier comparisons and less hassle. Can't think of too many areas in the game where the spawn rate/location is as consistent as it is in VotA.
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