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Leveling up all followers to 60

OK, so I know that the follower you are using gains xp independently and that the other two you are not using will level up when you level up but they will be a level behind.

Does this mean that when I'm at level 60, I need to switch to the remaining two followers to level them up, or can I get to paragon level 1 and all my followers will be at level 60?

Just got my Enchantress to lvl60 on my Barb and wondered if I should switch or continue with the Enchantress.
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From what I remember, you really only need to level the other two followers from 59->60 after you get the first follower to 60. Its been awhile but that is what I remember.
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04/10/2013 04:05 AMPosted by Mugsy
Does this mean that when I'm at level 60, I need to switch to the remaining two followers to level them up

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Yes and I did not have much in the way of gear for them as they cannot wear level 60 stuff yet. Just bought some passable blue level 59 items and took them to Act 1 Southern way point. I was not sure, if they would die on farm runs.
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take them do hell mp10. barb can do most of the killing. Follower just do whatever they can. Fast and safe, unlike in inferno.
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Thanks for the confirmation guys. I'm still going through Hell difficulty on MP10 (I know, I'm way OP for where I am) so the followers should hit level 60 in no time.

Got some nice items with RLR to throw on them in the mean time.

Pity that the other two don't level up with the active follower... I was looking forward to using my Barb's enchantress as I've just put Maximus on her and love getting a free demon summoned every now and then.
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