So we all know that MF affects not only the quantity of items dropped but also the quality
What I am wondering is that if the increase in quality outweighs the increase in quantity?
What specific game mechanic affects gem find?

It definitely isn't stable.

Following the logic that gems are items, or drops, rather than a separate entity entirely; exclusive from ilvl, clvl and mf.

Then it becomes harder and harder to farm gems as your para level increases.
But who knows how the mf mechanic actually works, I wouldn't be surprised if it was the most complicated code in this game. Anyway I've given it alot of thought recently. As a hardcore character i have remade, characters to lvl 60 more frequently than some norms; played more inferno chars w/ less than 50mf.

I acquire around 4 or 5 gems every time i empty my stash when i'm new to inferno running standar a1 Efind fun cemetary, ancients, kw, s high, jailer-butcher. para 10 w/ 100mf after neph, i am acquiring only 2 or 3 a game. The gem drop rate seems consistent, across the first 3 acts. Never tried to touch a4 but i imagine it being the grand mecha of gemology. Figured archives woulda been better, wish it was better, love that place. So i'm here with a request posing as a question. Lot of info though.