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show of hands who misses the Necromancer

04/18/2013 01:51 PMPosted by DOWNFALL
Bring back mass summomancer for the expansion blizzard. Give me the power I beg of you

I really hope thats not all the necro will be.

I prefered his "dark Spellcaster" role more.

bone spear, teeth, bone armor, bone prisons, corpse explosion

curses, and even the viable poison build. hell he even had a melee skill (poison dagger ftw)

everything I say jay ever post about the necro was that all he did was summon lots of things. I hope travis and the rest of the gang (now that jay's gotten the boot) doesn't share that opinion

don't get me wrong. playing a summoner was cool and all, but thats not all the necro was.

Agreed it wasnt always about summoning... I loved using the curses and all of the casting that he could do as well.
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such a tease when you were playing through the acts and the Neco side quest sparks up!
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I miss my necro. But I think I miss my wind druid the most.
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04/18/2013 01:50 PMPosted by Vyleblud
I see a lot of love for the skeleton army, and with good reason, but how about revive monster? I loved that ability. It added so much variety and made different areas of the game play differently!

16 skeletal mages, 16 skeletal warriors, 1 fire golem, 31 revived monsters.

I decimated everything to say the least ;)

Edit: Add Enigma into the equation (Teleport) and you literally land on top of anyone with 64 monsters attacking at once.
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I miss all the old classes, the warrior the most, followed by the paladin and then well all the other classes I miss also. I'm glad that they brought back the monk, and have mixed feelings about them bringing back the barbarian, but I wish they had brought back all the other old classes too. They could still have the new classes...it just would be nice to play both the old and the new in the same game..


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+1 Necros kick butt.

Remember when Blood Golem+Iron Maiden made you invincible?
The golem was healing every time it was hit, i remember ganging up like 200 monsters in Act 4 and just sit for 10 minutes watching them kill themselves.
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They should really make the little pygmy guys usable.

Personally I'd love to see them have a rune where they don't poof at the time limit, give them force shield and let them use ALL our stats (omg why dont pets use CC/CD/regen).

THEN we could remember what it was like to be the necro...... with a moderate sized army.
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I don't miss the necro but in D2 if you wanted to summon you got around the lag by increasing the summon strength and not the numbers, it saved on the lag and made the screen more visible, the amount of summons was crazy on such a low res game.

Still left plenty of skills for poison and bone spells which had better synergies so was a good place to put actual points whereas plus skill items worked better for summon skills
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Witch Doctor is way cooler.
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+1 hand.
In fact i still play it!!!!
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Why would I miss the necromancer when he still exists in the game that spawned him.
Personally I hope they do not bring the necro to D3 because they will screw him up just like they screwed up everything else.
In fact, the WD is Blizzards idea of a necro it would seem.
Actually, this game completely sux why am I even here.
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04/19/2013 03:56 AMPosted by Cyber
Actually, this game completely sux why am I even here.

A lot uf people here can ask the same question.
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I miss the druid too. I liked my wolves and my bow. I miss them. But this is Diablo 3 and not Diablo 2. Time to move on folks. If you want D2.5, go play median.
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i loved them but its not going ton ever be a part of D3. Followers in D3 are never powerful enough to fight for you.
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