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show of hands who misses the Necromancer

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Individually selecting and raising minions with a Necromancer would be too awkward with a gamepad.

Sorry folks no real summoners.
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+10000 hand

Most fun part of any Diablo game so far!
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I liked the Necromancer for reasons other than skeletons.

Poison Nova, Bone Spear, Corpse Explosion, Spectres, Golems, Curses.

Lotta fun.

But knowing Blizzard if they made a Necromancer his skeletons would do 100 damage each and die in two hits. And you could only raise 4 of them.
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I miss the Necromancer also. Maybe they could give WD a passive that greatly boost the damage of all the pets but the WD gets a 50% damage reduction or something.
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04/17/2013 07:31 PMPosted by mrod131
I miss my skeleton Army!


Hear, hear!
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Necromancer is fun, and playing Titan's Quest Immortal Throne - Soul Vizier mod as a Shaman (nature/spirit class combo) totally reminded me of him.

I had like 10 units killing everything early in the game and each unit type has special attacks (unlike necromancer sadly).

So essentially I had 3 shield skeletons who have melee aoe shield attacks and a temporary buff that increases movement and has life steal, 1 skeletal fiend (skeleton dog) that pretty much shoots a bonespear and has a melee aoe magic attack, 1 lich who negates damage and slows enemies (didn't quite get his other attack skills).

Nature I had 4 wolves that had high dodge capabilities, and when below 33% life they gain damage reduction, otherwise they have an ability that deal bleeding damage and does 6% damage of the enemies life (another skill was an aura that I didn't have at the time).

Oh and I had a mercenary medusa who had this petrify attack and bow attack or something.

Otherwise I am still working on unlocking 3 more summons, 2 of them being temporary but crazy powerful summons.
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obvsly me, wd sux every focking way compare to necromancer. bring necro back, no body wants wd any ways.
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