Diablo® III

Brawling Gives Exp, can you call it a bug?

i don't know if this type of activity has been reported or it's been addressed as legal.

My roommate joined a pvp exp run last night.

it's a team play, 2 witch doctors play as summoner and 1 player kills the dog like a thug....

my roommate is one of the wd and he simply did from paragon 40 to 59 in less than 12 hours....

i'm not sure if this is a bug which gives you exp in brawling map.

i just wanna ask blizzard : is this one of the legit way to play to get to paragon 100 on a hardcore char?

if the answer is yes then i would start tonight on all my HC toons.

any dev team member can answer my question?

also here's a video i found on youtube:

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You don't have to ask
it 's obvious.
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That's a cool video, now the question is: how much exp/hour does it provide? With 3 WD supplying trash mobs? Either way, this will likely get fixed as Blizzard wants PVP to have 0 rewards -.-
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With 3 WD, on MP10, with Cain Gear + Leorics + Hellfire, it gives over 120M Exp/Hr. I've seen a WD go from plv0 to plv70 in 2 days. Also, this "trick" has been known in the Chinese scene for a while now, and there are tons of players using it to level.
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Worst "exploit" ever. The dogs are worth a minute amount of exp. You're better off just playing the game.
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L2p. That is all.
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my roommate just made a HC lv86 wd, and this morning i woke up he's second hc wd has the silver tag already.....>.<
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This being done in a system that was supposed to have zero rewards. Now any noob can get to paragon 100.... Fix it Blizzard, or you're just repeating the major mistakes you made with WoW: listening to the no-skill imbeciles who can't learn anything, and don't have any player skill.
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I guess this gets fixed.
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already sent an email to the hacks@blizzard.... it's probably legit since this has been out for a couple of weeks already... seems like Blizz won't do anything about it..
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