I was wondering that what makes this Zoltun Kulle dungeon so special about the rest of the game, liek there is exactly same monsters at the area like in the rest of the game. I wish Blizzard would have poured some creativity in the monster diversity in this one.

Also, they could have prolonged the game by adding longer dungeons for obtaining the sword pieces, making it feel like you actually achieve something and not just walk in dungeon and grab it after killing small group of monsters. They could have prolonged the game experience a little on other areas too, but Im sure they would go and explain that "every campaign has to be exactly the same length in gameplay" or some other principle that they read in "the guide book for Blizzard game developers", so they wouldn't need to actually make any decisions them-self but could always rely on the fact that "its code that everyone follows, and its not my fault if something goes wrong, we blame the code instead so that we as game developers don't have to take any responsibility at all but instead its the codes fault and not ours." or so forth. Excuses I say.
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