Diablo® III

An Idea To Get The Point Across...

if people keep complaining and complaining about itemization, content, fond memories of D2 - LOD, why not log into D2, spike the server numbers, show Blizzard that while their epic award winning critically acclaimed gameplay and genre revolutionizing 10-year in the making masterpiece is out, people still want a game like it's predecessor. granted certain things from D2 can be improved on and certain things about D3 are better then D2, on the whole we want RUNES to customize our items, weapons based on CC(buffs/debuffs), actual ELEMENTAL DMG effects (really... what kind of fantasy ARPG game doesn't have additional burn dmg on a fire weapon over x amount of time???), SIDE QUESTS (diablo, final fantasy, assassin's creed, hell even mario64 all have optional side quests), UNIQUE MONSTERS that fight with unique skills to those monsters, VARYING DUNGEONS that add replay-ability to game.

where are ladders? boss fatalities? 1000 pounder-fight? FINDING AND TRADING ITEMS FOR A SENSE OF PROGRESS NOT STRAIGHT TO AH! MYSTIC? TP...I remember running out of them at critical moments causing me to prioritize loot selection and how i might still with a current situation of being overwhelmed by monsters. all the cool things that were in the BETA that were removed. 1.0.8 is on the horizon and after all the iterations blizzard has already released they are addressing monster density and adding tags to games...to let people know if you're questing or farming (which typically you have to complete the quests in order to farm making the whole thing irrelevant). what about adding the content to that game that it was initially sold on and never delivered.

if you show me a picture of a meat lovers pizza in a flyer and i call your pizza company and order said pizza and then get a vegetarian pizza delivered to my house...you don't need 8 pizza iterations later to figure out what exactly a meat lover's pizza is. take a look at the flyer you released to the public that prompted me to order the pizza in the first place and then look at the pizza i ordered and give me that...

especially since you have ALL THE CODE, ANIMATIONS, TECHNICAL KNOW HOW, AND SKILL to do it in the first place since in was either implemented in hype videos and/or ALPHA/BETA tests in the first place that were all simply removed.

As a community something needs to be done. No revolution is successful with a single person going against the status quo here or there. Doesn't have to be logging onto D2 just something decisive as a community.
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Simple, because Angry Birds looks better than D2. It is obsolete unless you enjoy looking at numbers, stats and using your imagination more while playing.
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